OK, so maybe the still shot of this solid Rudy Gay dunk from Friday night isn’t that embarrassing — it’s just a guard getting dunked on by a bigger guy, which is certainly understandable. But if we zoom in, things get worse for poor Manu.

Between the derp face, the hand on the crotch and the deeply bent knees, this is a great under-the-radar getting dunked on moment. Still not as good as the OG, but still a worthy inductee for this hallowed Hall of Fame. He will be presented at the Hall by one of his heroes, Vlade Divac.

Comments (10)

  1. This hurts my soul, poor Manu.

  2. Bit of a stretch, TK. If anything, his face makes sense considering where his hand is.

  3. was he injured in this game?

  4. *insert gay joke here*

  5. Karma for all the flopping over the years…balls don’t lie.

  6. The timing of the photo is a bit off, a split second later he was in the fetal position. Much better for this category.

  7. What sneakers is Rudy wearing?

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