Here’s Chris Bosh on January 6, 2013, courtesy of Fox Sports Florida:

Much-maligned Heat center Chris Bosh is vowing to count caroms while he plays. Apparently, that will make him more cognizant of whether he is staving off critics.

“I’m just counting them so everybody will get off my back,” said Bosh, who had nobody on his case after he grabbed nine in Sunday’s 99-71 rout of the Washington Wizards at AmericanAirlines Arena. “That’s really it. That’s why I’m counting them. I’m like, ‘Hey, it was nine today.’ Just a start. And I got to get nine the next game, maybe even 10.”

And here is Chris Bosh on January 14, 2013, courtesy of ESPN’s Daily Dime:

Then Bosh got one rebound in 27 minutes as the Heat were whipped 40-23 on the boards and outscored 19-0 in second-chance points by the Jazz. He’s averaging just five rebounds a game over the past seven games and is currently averaging the fewest rebounds of his career. It was not being competitive.

His explanation was the following:

“Sometimes I’m in position where I have to compete with my teammates for a rebound and sometimes I do get beat, I’m human,” said Bosh. “In the beginning of the game, I guess a few times I’m going to beat my own teammates. I don’t pay attention to numbers.”

So which is it, Chris Bosh — do you or do you not pay attention to numbers? Well, here’s a hint.

Monday morning he explained why he was going on a push on Twitter to get All-Star votes on the last day for fans to cast ballots. He was just 35,000 votes behind getting his first starting spot.

“Just being competitive,” Bosh said. “I saw that I was behind, and I’m like, ‘All right, whatever I can do.’ It’s not everything, but in the spirit of competition, let me do what I can.”

It’s like my friend DCI John Luther says, “When you’re trying to figure out if a guy cares about numbers, check his Twitter feed to see if he’s plugging himself because he’s seen the latest results, knows he’s losing and really wants to be a starter, guvna.” It’s called deductive reasoning and if it can work for Luther, Sherlock Holmes and Gregory House, then it can work for us.

Obviously Chris Bosh cares about his numbers, which is why he keeps bringing it up and offering a myriad of excuses as to why he’s having his worst rebounding season since his rookie year by per game, per 36 minutes and percentage measures. He knows, probably because everyone keeps asking him about it and it’d therefore be almost impossible to be unaware that he only grabbed one rebound in 27 minutes of court time against the Jazz last night. I mean, counting to one is pretty easy.