Ballin: Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook combined to score 77 points last night, more than two entire teams. Of those 77, 47 came in the second half, when the Thunder scored a grand total of 51. Thanks for showing up, Perry Jones.

Not so much: Eight NBA games last night, two had final margins of victory less than 11 points. One was Utah-Miami, which was OK. One was Sacramento-Cleveland, which was Kings vs. Cavaliers.

Call me Ishmael: This is your early leader for Block of the Year.

I guess John Wall already has his pump fake back.

Rise and repeat: Rajon Rondo notched his third triple-double of the season last night, tallying 17 points, 10 rebounds and 12 assists. Amazingly, this wasn’t a nationally televised game, which must be a first.

Trending: Three straight wins for the Mavericks, who bested the Timberwolves on the back of Elton Brand’s season-high 20 points. He was one of three Mavs to score at least 20, which is something I thought they banned in the preseason.

Huge, part 1: Kevin Durant got all up in Marcin Gortat’s giant nose.

The part about this that really clinches it for me is how stone cold Durant is after throwing this down. Eerie.

Nice touch: Which stats do you want from last night’s Bulls-Hawks debacle? That the Hawks had more turnovers than field goals in the first half? That the Hawks didn’t match the Bulls’ first quarter score (26) until 7:30 left in the third quarter? That the Bulls had more rebounds (59) than the Hawks had points (58)? Your call.

Welp: Two times in the final five minutes of their game against the Utah Jazz, the Miami Heat allowed offensive rebounds off bricked Jamaal Tinsley threes. The Jazz scored both times, including the game-icing jumper by Gordon Hayward after a behind-the-back move where he looked at the ball like he was in eighth grade.

Huge, part 2: Taj Gibson got all up in Anthony Tolliver’s self-aware sense of humor.

I don’t always like Stacey King, but when I do, he is making up websites about people getting dunked on.

Write-off: Here is a tiny hint to let you know how thoroughly the Chris Paul-less Clippers beat their nemesis, the Grizzlies, last night — Matt Barnes outscored every single Memphis player with 16 points. 30 percent shooting on the evening, as many turnovers (14) as assists, and nearly as many fouls (27) as made shots (28) for the Grizzers.

Other things: 26 points for DeMarcus Cousins, who even went 14-14 from the free throw line … Looks like John Wall’s handles are back, even if his legs aren’t … LeBron is very sorry about his missed dunk … Some bro got kicked out of last night’s Jazz-Heat game … Pretty chill Blake Griffin Red Bull ad