Best beef ever.

Also dumbest beef ever, but still.

(via CJ Fogler)

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  1. You’d think a guy much taller than Little Nathan (over a foot) would at least outrebound him over the course of this season

  2. I still hold a grude against Nate Dog for beating Iggy in that famed dunk contest from several years ago. This “beef” with my 2nd favorite player in the Association, (after Dirk), doesn’t help matters.

    Novak would be my 6th man on any team, Nate Dog would be my PA Announcer (And1 Mixtape Style…)

  3. I noticed during the second half of the “Honey Nut Cheerios” game, Avery Bradley hit a 3 and did Rasheed Wallace’s “Three to the Head” celebration.

    Are the Knicks the breeding ground for new 3 point celebrations in the league? Which is next to get stolen?

  4. the video of steve novak saying it warms his heart that kids all over the world such as little nathan are using his celebration is so much better

  5. New round of Twitter beef??

  6. Not “Twitter beef”.

    It’s “TWITTER BEEF!!!!!”

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