Ep. 908: Coach Dads

On Wednesday’s live episode of “The Fix,” The Jones discuss Jamal Crawford killing Jeremy Lin, Eric Bledsoe’s starter minutes, “Sam Dunk,” Kobe’s defense, the Lakers’ ball movement, the Nuggets’ overtime execution, team free throws, the shitty Bobcats, and Raptors rookie Terrence Ross’ crazy dunk.

All that, plus two hilarious questions: 1) If your dad had to look just like a current NBA coach, who would you choose? and 2) If Kobe were to be awarded a trophy for his all-time missed field goals “accomplishment,” what should it look like?


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  1. without having heard the gang’s answers:
    1) probably tyrone corbin, because then I’d be half black which is cool because I could actually wear basketball jerseys without looking like a douchebag
    2) a golden brick, obviously

  2. Here’s that EXTREME H-O-R-S-E video I was talking about on today’s show.

  3. Leigh — You really want your Dad to look like Burt Reynolds in Boogie Nights?

  4. Seems like the Blazers have a bunch of clutch players – Leonard, Batum, Matthews and Aldridge have all hit huge shots this season. Batum should be an all-star this year, that guy does it all.

  5. having a dad as handsome as Jacque Vaughn has a lot of potential to backfire. just saying, he’d be too much of a threat as far as dating goes. if it weren’t restricted to “look like” and “current headcoaches”, it’d have to be Phil Jackson, if only for the massive amounts of Peyote I could then easily get my hands on.

  6. Any coach all time, I’m picking Stan Van Gundy. You walk into a room with Ron Jeremy, chicks notice you..

  7. calculate how many bricks you will need to build your house: http://www.boral.com.au/brick_calculators/how_many.asp?AUD=brickinsights

  8. Here’s that ol’ Clippers mascot I was talkin’ about.

  9. Blazers or Rockets?


  10. From E. Lindsey Hall III:

    “Edward Lindsey Hall Jr. kind of looked like Rick Adelman.”

  11. Surprised Trey’s “Hey now” hasn’t become a Larry Sanders drop since we’re probably going to think about that guy at least once a week. Also, how about some Drummond talk? I guess that would mean watching the Pistons though.

    Speaking of reverse-aging attic photos, I know Trey must wonder how much longer the Ecce Homo de Borja can continue to protect him.

  12. Rick Carlisle. Jim Carrey for a dad? Kobe trophy would resemble antidote since he’s a poisonous black mamba

  13. Why on earth do you have the ex-German Minister of Defense in your opening quote? The guy got fired for plagiarizing his dissertation and now keeps out of the country – so I had no idea what he was up to. Nice to see you with some royalty though..

    • And its at least the second time they did show us Karl-Theodor Maria Nikolaus Johann Jacob Philipp Franz Joseph Sylvester Freiherr von und zu Guttenberg.

      Why? Please tell us why?

  14. I have lost my contacts in pickup games over ten times I’d say, main reason I went to dalies (humble brag), keep a spare when I ball even thought 90% of the time I catch it on the eyelid and put it back in. Coolstorybro

  15. Skeets’ house idea/ Lakers not knowing the season has started this guys gone off the rails!

  16. Did todays Ep break the record for most drops?

  17. “It’s boiling in here” – says the guy wearing a jacket.

  18. Matt O #nbaballot

  19. You want a classy most misses trophy so Kobe would actually accept it, hang it up and all that. I’d go with an empty net, like the Larry O’Brian trophy without the ball on it, see if he tries to pass it off as legit honor.

    2nd choice: car jack, holding up a brick

  20. Kobe’s award/trophy should be a montage package of all of his missed shots with a director’s commentary by Michael Jordan telling him what he should have done differently.

    I assume Austin Rivers was what started that weird dad coach question? Correct?

  21. Please go back to LONGER SHOW!
    This is way too brief!

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