Because they have a ton of money and supreme confidence in their talents, NBA players bet on everything. Most of the time, they pay off their bets; if they don’t, we hear about it, shoutout to Gilbert Arenas and Charles Oakley.

Roy Hibbert, however, won’t be one of those non-payers though. After finishing his night’s work against the Bobcats, Hibbdawg challenged five Pacers reserves to keep the Bobcats under 80 points, promising each $100 if they could pull off that impossible feat. They did and he’s made good, mostly because he’s a “Game of Thrones” fan. From the AP:

In the waning minutes of a blowout victory, Hibbert told the final five Indiana Pacers left on the floor he’d pay them $100 each if they kept the Charlotte Bobcats from scoring 80 points.

Pay up, Roy.

“Yeah, I’m a man of my word,” Hibbert said. “A Hibbert always pays his debts. … I guess I have to go find an ATM.”

Looks like Ben Hansbrough, Orlando Johnson, Dominic McGuire, Jeff Pendergraph and D.J. Augustin are all $100 richer, so that’s nice for them. (Except maybe D.J. Augustin, who started all but two games in the previous two seasons and is now getting $100 from Roy Hibbert while playing garbage time against his old team. That kinda sucks.) I hope they find something nice to buy. Perhaps an Apple TV.

And while I suspect this may be another Hibbert ploy to get on a TV show, it’s still nice to know that one of your franchise cornerstones is a standup guy who does what he says he’s going to do. That has to be encouraging. If he starts wearing chain mail and calling himself The Hand, however, be very nervous for Roy. Nothing good ever happens to The Hand.