Ballin: Kobe Bryant and Dwight Howard combined to score 62 points while missing just 12 of their 37 attempts from the field during their destruction of the Milwaukee Bucks. I have a feeling this is more like what people were expecting when Mr. Gigglebox forced his way out of Orlando.

Not so much: Remember when the Charlotte Bobcats were both 7-5 and fun to watch? Now they are 9-29 after a loss to the Pacers where they shot 34 percent. So pretty much the opposite.

Backsies: This might be the ultimate good JaVale McGee play.

There are too many choices for ultimate bad JaVale McGee play.

Streaky: After last night’s 30 points — including 12 straight to start the fourth — and a win, the Clippers moved to 11-1 when Jamal Crawford leads them in scoring. Every other team Jamal Crawford has led in scoring is like, “Oh, come on.”

Elbows up, side to side: Terrence Ross actually did a different dunk last night. It was cool.

Told you it was cool. (P.S. The Raptors lost and the Nets are now 9-1 under P.J. Carlesimo.)

El pastor: Here is the definition of an NBA fast break.

I’m not sure which is more surprising — that the ball only touched the floor once on a breakout dribble by Andray Blatche or that Blatche would be a key part of the Platonic Ideal of a fast break.

Lasties: The last time the Hornets and 76ers met up, New Orleans posted a miserable 62 points in a loss. Last night, they went for 111 in a win, their second-highest total for the season.

Other things: Last night’s game was Grant Hill’s 1,000th professional contest, which really should have happened about three seasons ago … Just some really good pictures of Drew Gooden … Complex Magazine ranked the 20 most hated players in the NBA but somehow forgot DeShawn Stevenson … Kevin Durant’s grandma doesn’t like it when he cusses