It’s kind of hard to put a price on it, but I think I’d pay about $16 to watch just Brook Lopez answering these questions. No offense to Reggie Evans and MarShon Brooks, who are great, but anything a Lopez twin says is automatically the best.

(via PBT/The Brooklyn Game)

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  1. Reporter: How do you say goodbye in Russian?

    Reggie Evans: /throws up deuces

  2. holy shit, Reggie Evans’ face when she pronounces Cheburashka is hilarious

  3. how does reggie evans know how to read cyrillic and not know how to say “goodbye” in Russian? maybe his mom’s bulgarian or mongolian or something. weird.

  4. I can’t tell whether or not they actually know where Russia is…

  5. I’d pay $16 just to listen to the Russian chick. Two words: smoke show

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