Stephen Curry has the worst ankles since my dad, as evidenced by his latest right ankle problems that will keep him out indefinitely and also the entirety of his short NBA career. And while you might be thinking that it’d be nice to know how things are going with the NBA’s faultiest joint, please don’t ask him about it because he hates it.

From Sports Illustrated:

Hot Clicks: Most annoying question reporters ask you?
Curry: “How’s your ankle?”

I bet that is annoying. Not only does he have to deal with all 60 of his injuries, then he has to deal with reporters asking him if his ankle feels any better like a million different times. Then just when his ankle is almost healed, he goes and destroys it again and has to listen to another million questions. It’s like, easy on the ankles, guys.

Then again, one easy way to prevent this line of questioning is by finding a pair of ankles that doesn’t explode every time they’re one degree off-axis. I don’t know how advanced cloning technologies are these days, but if we can find a way to get Russell Westbrook’s ankles in to Stephen Curry’s legs, I think that would work out pretty well. Barring that medical marvel, he can play in air casts, retire from basketball and just lay on the couch all the time, or figure out a way to play NBA basketball without running, jumping, cutting, sliding or walking. Those options considered, it’s pretty obvious joint cloning is the way to go. Anything to stop all those questions.

(via Point Forward)