Ep. 909: Bangers and Milestones

On today’s show, The Jones break down all 10 NBA games from Wednesday night including: LeBron’s historic game, Russell Westbrook’s unguardable play, the Rudy Gay rumors that may be hurting the Grizzlies, Kyrie Irving’s huge fourth quarter, and a 12-inch from DeMarcus Cousins!

All that, plus the return of Pau Gasol, the Bulls’ narrow victory, and a delightful round of Leigh Ellis’ new UK-themed game show: “This or That?” (The answer is both.)


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Comments (18)

  1. First! (Someone needed to be)

  2. random request, can we get a link to that image without the 909 in it

  3. I love how Leigh only gives episodes he plays a prominent role in Beckinsales. The original basketball card episode & this both featured Leigh Ellis segments and both earned Beckinsales.

  4. That was a great recap segment. #FreeMattOsten

  5. Love the show but man, this audio player stops on me about 4 times per show. Have to refresh and skip ahead every time

  6. Kind of surprised you didn’t give line of the night to Beal. Rookie deserves some love. 26 points with 6/7 from 3, 64% shooting, 2/2 FT, 3 boards, 6 ast, 1 steal, 1 block and only 1 turnover!

    • Thanks dude, been sitting here staring at LeBron for the past 2 hours whilst periodically hitting F5.

  7. Which members of the Jones can honestly say they’ve never come over a little queer?

    • What’s wrong with that?

      Also, aren’t you the guy obsessed with Trey’s pecs?

      • It was a semi-obscure Office reference for Leigh, since he mentioned the scene where Brent welcomes the Swindon lot. Kind of doesn’t work without the Brent visual.

  8. Bangers and mash > fish and chips. Mrs Featherbottom would tell you that theres nothing like a banger in the mouth

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