Ballin: Carlos Boozer is representing to the fullest for paint heads all over the world. 36 points on 16-24 shooting, 12 rebounds, three assists and a steal for the Bulls big man. Plus, he only got blocked twice which is a real accomplishment.

Not so much: No Stephen Curry for the Warriors, meant Golden State needed a big game from Klay Thompson. Instead of that, he went 1-8 from the field and scored two points while having more turnovers (4) than assists (3). Signals must have got crossed on whether or not he should be good last night.

Respeck: Just watch Alonzo Gee’s face on this huge J.J. Hickson dunk.

Sometimes when you get dunked on, you just have to realize it was pretty cool.

I just want, Deng Deng Deng: Here’s Luol Deng’s game-winner, partially cribbed from Michael Jordan’s non-push off in the 1998 NBA Finals.

Battles: After a two-day stretch that saw the Hawks lose a game by 39 points while scoring just 58 in total, have to kick Josh Smith out of practice and then subsequently suspend him for their next game, Atlanta destroyed the Brooklyn Nets, who entered the matchup as the league’s hottest team. Basketball makes zero sense.

Tas tought him: Good to know Big Baby still has his dance moves.

More than anything, I’m glad he kept his shorts up for this.

Patricide: After last night’s win — the Hornets’ sixth in their last seven games — Austin “Powers” Rivers moved to 1-0 in matchups against his dad, Doc “Evil” Rivers. Austin even got 22 minutes and scored eight points, which is the kind of performance he hasn’t had in about 10 games. Oh behave.

Nope: Did you realize Elton Brand is currently sixth in career blocks among active players? James Harden does.

Bendy man: You don’t often see Kevin Durant dunk with two hands in the lane, but when he does, it’s neat.

Durant’s currently sixth in the league in dunks, but first among non-post players. This never ceases to surprise me, just because he’s so smooth. Smooth and vicious dunks just don’t seem like they go together, but I guess they do.

Opposite of good: The San Antonio Spurs carved up the Grizzlies last night, bringing Memphis’ margin of defeat in their past three games to 22.7. Change that, I’d say.

Fatso: John Wall missed two free throws with 30 seconds remaining in the Wizards’ one-point loss to the Kings. Here’s hoping Randy Wittmann makes him run sprints for each miss. (P.S. John Wall isn’t that fat, but typing “fatso” is pretty fun.)

Other things: Here’s the shot that made LeBron the youngest ever to 20,000 points and here’s the assist that made him the youngest non-guard ever to 5,000 assists. They happened in the same half … See ya later, Damian Lillard … Tracy McGrady hit a game-winner in China … Kendrick Perkins looked like a skilled basketball player for a few minutes last night … Udonis “Django” Haslem’s still got it … There is afternoon basketball today, as the Knicks and Pistons face off in sunny London

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  1. Nice Group X reference Trey.

  2. Sweet pre-YouTube viral video reference.

  3. what a great night for dunking that was. the jj hickson one was probably my favorite dunk of the season. just so many naturally excited reactions all over the place, too – posterizations only really work in front of home crowds.

  4. please please PLEASE! Links in new tabs! :)

    funny reference

  5. meant to do this… –> a href=”your-link-here” target=”_blank” <–

  6. T-Mac will lead his team to the playoffs. From last place. He’s on a roll through China right now. 13 points in 35 seconds.

  7. the Austin powers vs Doc Evil couple of sentences were fantastic Trey. More of those next matchup please

  8. Is it just me or has T-Mac been in a good paddock over in China. He looks like my dad!(if my dad was 9in taller, African American and really good at ballin’)

  9. austin “powers” vs. doc “evil”…lolololol

  10. Do you think JJ did dunks like these in practice over Gee when he was with the Cavs?

  11. I second the “links in new tabs” motion!!

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