I am just going to go out on a limb and guess that “the 1 secret that can keep you from going broke” is to not say yes every time your friends propose one of their business ideas while trying to guilt you in to saying yes. I’m no Dave Ramsey but that seems like a solid place to start.

But don’t take my advice. Listen to the guy who blew $110 million in 14 years. He knows what’s up.

(via Aron Phillips)

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  1. Lost all my money, might as well make it back telling others not to lose their money! wiggle wiggle

  2. Wow! Is this like getting a haircut from a bald barber? Or having your lunch cooked by a supermodel? Or going to a sensitivity training course from Robin Ficker?

    • It’s more like taking a sexual harassment prevention class from Bill Clintion…
      Been there, done that…

  3. Actually this is more like having Manti Te’o teach you about relationships


    This is like the single dad with three kids from three different marriages giving advice to his bachelor son about marriage and telling him he should just be thankful he doesn’t have to pay child support when he tells his dad he wants a W

  5. Dave Ramsey is the man! didnt know you knew about him Trey..

  6. If you are paying Antoine for financial advice, you better get shimmy lessons, otherwise you did not get your money’s worth.

  7. Check out the financial genius behind antoine walker denovo. Shane Baldwin soon to be indicted and sued by dozens of duped investors who saw their money squandered by fast cars and airplanes. Stop step back and run away. Go go go away.

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