What’s nerdier — pulling the basketball equivalent of wearing a band’s t-shirt to their concert or Wade’s glasses? Let’s hear your answer to this important question in the comments.

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  1. the tshirt, no question

  2. Definitely the t-shirt

  3. Dwayne Wade has gone from one of the most likeable players. To the biggest douche in the NBA. Cant be the only one who thinks this. Right?

  4. Is Jimmy Goldstein some new gangsta rapper? Man….my line of work has me so out of the loop on what these kids nowadays listen to.

  5. How fundamentally unhip this is, didn’t we all learn not to do this in grade school? What a dork, seriously.

  6. D-Wade fails again. The funny thing about the Lebron hate is that it came and left (to an extent) so quickly. The clear disdain shown by the fans for Wade has just continued to grow, and multiply from itself so greatly that we are now calling him out on what t-shirt he chooses to wear on his own birthday. Personally, I find it hilarious and I hope we start making fun of things like wrinkled pants or misplaced creases in his blazers. GIVE ME MORE.

  7. This is super hip because Wade knows that wearing a t-shirt of the band is unhip and Wade doesn’t care. It’s the hip equivalent of wearing nerdy glasses because irony is hip.

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