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On today’s seven-year anniversary episode, The Basketball Jones discuss the 2013 NBA All-Star Game starters before selecting their seven reserves. Which Bulls player deserves to make it? Is Ibaka more deserving than Marc Gasol? And do Rondo and Garnett being voted in hurt Pierce’s chances of making the team?

All that, plus surprising rookies, the NBA on HBO, whether the Hawks should trade Josh Smith, “Storage Wars,” shitty teams with bright futures, and a few of our favorite TBJ moments from the past seven years.

Happy birthday, guys!


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  1. There’s no need for Irving to wear a mask. He’s on the same team as Wade.

  2. Fellers, if you can please look into a new player. I love listening but man, the freezing, reloading, and finding your previous spot really gets annoying.

  3. All-Star Reserves
    East – Chandler, Bosh, George, Irving, Holiday, Josh Smith, Joakim Noah – the East backcourt is awful this season.
    West – David Lee, Aldridge, Duncan, Westbrook, Batum, Harden, Steph Curry – Lillard is the injury replacement. (My portland homerism is showing, I know – hopefully It’ll slide because Tas gets confused by the geography).

  4. I completely forgot about Tony Parker. He replaces Batum.

  5. Things I love about working on Fridays:

    1. Wearing jeans, a hoodie and sneakers instead of a tie
    2. The Overdose
    3. Leaving 30-45 mins early.

    Thanks for another great episode guys!

  6. just copy pastin here, thanks Noah..
    All-Star Reserves
    East – Bosh, George, Irving, Holiday, Brook Lopez, Joakim Noah and I’d like josh but that ain’t happening, so maybe Boozer even though I really hate him or Tyson. I say Tyson (I never really care about the east as much for some reason. my favorite teams have always been in the west… so whatever).
    West – David Lee, Batum, Duncan, Westbrook, Tony Parker, Harden, Marc Gasol. Because yeah Tas is right but Marc rules. and I just like Batum more than Aldridge.

    • ugh I always forget to change my name back every time I change it. way to establish an online identity^^

  7. Trey, there were more votes then because now you have to subscribe and fill some form on before voting (which I didn’t do because I think that’s freaking dumb). 5 years ago I voted 3-4 times per week. In other words, the NBA shot itself in the foot. Again.

    • Makes sense. Good explanation.

      • In terms of equal voting rights I don’t think that’s exactly shooting one’s self in the foot. But we didn’t think the NBA is a democracy for hoops fans. So, from a business view, not having millions of people return to your webpage to vote three, four times a week definitely is shooting one’s self in the foot.

    • same here. it was annoying to fill out the form, so I didn’t vote

  8. A Kroll Show drop already? Impressive. Also, can you add “NORTH CAROLINA!” to the TBJ soundboard?

  9. Great discussion on the all star selections.

    Here is my East selections:
    1. Tyson Chandler
    2. Joakim Noah
    3. David West
    4. Kyrie Irving
    5. Kemba Walker ( I know he is in a bad team but he is the bob cats best player and has improved from last year)
    6. Paul George
    7. Paul Pierce

    Honorable mention in east: J.R Smith he is a big part of Knicks success but pierce and george edge him out.

    1. David Lee
    2. Tim Duncan
    3. James Hardin
    4. Russel Westbrook
    5. Nicholas Batum
    6. Damian Illiard
    7. Tony Parker

    Honorable mention in west O.J. Mayo. He was playing pretty well before dirk came back.

  10. Congrats on seven years. Keep up the solid work.

  11. All-Star reserves:

    East – Lopez, Noah, Bosh, Smith, George, Irving and Holiday

    West – Duncan, Lee, Randolph, Westbrook, Harden, Parker and Curry

  12. What did Greg Monroe do in his previous life as a fish?

    …Greg Spawn Roe.

  13. No Jared Sullinger for the surprising Rookies? Come on…

    His Z-Bo-esque rebounding might not be the prettiest thing to watch, but it’s really efficient. And the way he sees the floor on offense and on defense is really impressive. And he can hit the jumper from so far out, he might at the 3-pointer in a couple of years.

    Except for the missing athleticism, he’s got tremendous potential.

    I wanted to congratulate you on 7 years, but after that insult, no way!

    • On my list but he’d have been a Top 5 pick in the previous draft, so I feel like Henson was a little bit better choice.

      • Okay, I see your point, but just look at last nights game against chicago. Sullinger is part of the crunch time line up for a boston team thats under a lot of pressure. He’s just 20 years old, but plays like a vet.

        Thanks for answering, though.

        Greets from Germany!

  14. Leigh is right to be skeptical of the Timberwolves’s ticket offer. The price of my season tickets are being raised 16%. If the Wolves don’t make the playoffs, the price will still increase by 4%. It’s still kind’ve cool, I guess, but they don’t deserve all the great press they’ve been getting around here.

  15. Congrats on 7 years of podcasting excellence. (I’ve only been here for 2 but I’m giving your guys the benefit of the doubt that the early years were also two towel worthy)

    Only grip is that you should have started exactly one day earlier so we can share birthdays.

  16. All Star Reserves

    East: Holiday, Irving, West, Chandler, Bosh, Noah, George

    West: Harden, Duncan, Westbrook, Curry, Aldridge, Lee, Parker

    Also quick question…who says ”It’s pun gun time!!” at the start of pun gun?

    • pretty sure it’s tas…

      speaking of the pun gun:
      who’s his favorite surrealist artist?
      greg man ray

      what’s his favorite geek-y tv show?
      star greg

      what’s his favorite thing about christmas partys?
      drinking greggnog monroe

      what would his jamaican owner yell at him if he was a slave on a boat in ca. 1785?
      greg, mon! row! (maybe that’s a bit of a controversial one)

      what would he have said if he had switched bodys and careers and mindsets (so basically everything but the name) with michael jordan in 1995?
      I’m Back Monroe.

    • That would be the man of 1000 voices … JD.

      • Wow.!
        My guess is JD isn’t happy this was revealed… He doesn’t like us knowing he can be fun and isn’t constantly scowling.

  17. 7 years ago today Ben Gordon hit a game winning shot to lift the Bulls over Jamal Crawford and the Knicks. Also, Antonio Davis ran into the stands to protect his wife from a hoodlum.

  18. Surprised no mention at all of Greivis Vasquez – he doesn’t make my team, but he would probably be my next guard on the list.

  19. i always love looking at the run time of each episode. it always makes me happy to see over an hour.

  20. In case anyone is looking for the 500th episode of The Jones, here it is:,214229

  21. East Reserves: Chris Bosh, Joakim Noah, Luol Deng, Jru Holiday, Brandon Jennings, Tyson Chandler, and Paul George
    West Reserves: Russell Westbrook, James Harden, Tim Duncan, David Lee, Steph Curry, Serge Ibaka, and Marc Gasol or Zach Randolph

  22. What happened to Grantland? I was listening to you every week last year and I was happy that you were coming back and then NOTHING! I’ve been downloading the overload to get my fill of TBJ, but they really are missing out here.

    • Grantland said they already had enough podcast content. Skeets said so on Twitter, or in a comment here a while ago.

  23. Andrew Nicholson looks like a extremely tall Gary Coleman….

  24. Excellent overdose. All the elements were there, Trey talking about body types, Tas’ nihilistic rumination on free throws, Skeets mentioning his fantasy team (there’s a streak someone should track), Andre Drummond (finally!). Leigh: could have used a take on Bernie Tomic.

  25. Shved as a surprising rookie

  26. What do you call Greg Monroe when he has a fake girlfriend? Greg MantiTe’O

  27. really glad you talked about john henson. that guy is great. apparently his nickname is “inspector gadget”. so great. also, have you noticed how he seems to wear shorter shorts than everyone else? really terrific look with with limbs and those really nice bucks jerseys. i imagine that’s how general grievous would look if he played basketball.

  28. My reserves:

    East: Jrue Holliday, Kyrie Irving, Joakim Noah, Tyson Chandler, Brook Lopez, Chris Bosh, JR Smith

    notables: obvoiulsy paul george/pierce, but a big one no one’s mentioned i guess bc his injury but anderson varejao was having a huge season before he got hurt

    West: Russel Westbrook, James Harden, Tim Duncan, David Lee, Tony Parker, ZBo, Steph Curry

    notables: aldrdge/batum, marc gasol, and i give batum the nod for steph’s injured spot

  29. Today’s ending quote was probably my favorite of all time.

    • sounded like a lost verse to Frank Zappa’s Hot Rats. which makes it even better, because Frank Zappa makes everything better.

  30. East- Noah, Lopez, Chandler, Bosh, George, Jrue, JR
    West- Harden, Westbrook, Duncan, Parker, Lee, Marc, Randolph

    Since the east’s starting 5 is small, I’d agree with Tas and have several big guys on the reserves.

    Kyrie only played in 30 out of the 41 games they played, I doubt he would make it.

  31. I’m a big fantasy sports fan, but it pains me to see players over/underrated by fans in real life due to their position on the “player rater”.

    George may deserve the All-Star Game, but it’s hard to say the same about Batum or Ibaka.

  32. Happy birthday, but wtf alvin gentry fired?? Love him, he always looks stoned even after half time

  33. There should be a special spot for the player that HAS to play in the all star game.
    Like in “I think Rubio doesn’t deserve to be in the ASG, but he definitely should play in it!”
    Or like in: “I really really want to see McGee in an ASG”

    Do you people have current NBA player “Wish-to-see-him-play-in-an-ASG”?
    And of course, is there an all time team for this? Maravich? Kemp? Jason Williams?

  34. In case anyone was wondering, that Tweet of the week is a line from a Kanye West song. Just sayin’

  35. East
    Irving, Jennings, Josh Smith,Noah, Joe Johnson, Paul George, Chandler
    Westbrook, Parker, Harden, Batum, Aldridge, Z-Bo, Duncan

    Having Joe Johnson in is a tough pick but the Nets need at least one and I feel Lopez won’t make it because of the other centers are just as deserving and more recognizable and the East would need one more sg.

    Go Bucks!!!

  36. congratulations on the seven years, bros.

    I agree with Matty O, that 8 hour segment was wild, I remember watching (most) of that, and remember the alcohol hitting you guys as the BBQ was fired up and you were all signing off for the day.

    I think my favourite TBJ moment has been the inception of The Blank Jones, specifically the Leigh Ellis episode because it’s Leigh, and who doesn’t love stories about ol’ Dickey?

  37. i feel like jamal crawford should be in there for the west. he’d be great in the all star game too

  38. No love for Deng? Coaches voted him in last year, he defends the opposing team’s best player, plays over 40 minutes every night, and puts up the nearly the same numbers as Lillard (with Assists and rebounds swapped).

  39. I am very glad that someone recognized what Batum’s done this year. As someone who watched every Blazer game, Batum deserves it more than LA.

  40. Congrats. What was the drop about if I call you legs your name is legs from?

  41. East: same 10 locks plus Bosh and Jennings
    West: same 9 locks plus Lee, Randolph, Ibaka

    Cheers, great show!

  42. Guys, congrats on reaching the 7 year mark. Huge accomplishment. You’ve got a huge fan down in New Orleans.

  43. Can you guys please switch back to the old player? I have nothing but poor experiences with this new (well sorta new) shitty player (pauses, restarts, etc.) And for some reason the player won’t even play today’s overdose.

  44. if you want the 12 best players on each team then you shouldnt look at that player’s team’s record in my opinion

  45. Greatest podcast ever? Probably.

  46. if i call you legs, your name is legs, legs

    awesome drop – where is it from? i’d like to add it to my ringtones

  47. All Star Reserves
    Joakim Noah
    Kyrie Irving
    Jrue Holiday
    Brook Lopez
    Paul George
    Josh Smith
    Chris Bosh
    Hardest to leave of Tyson Chandler and Anderson Varejoa
    Russell Westbrook
    James Harden
    Tim Duncan
    LaMarcus Aldridge
    Zach Randolph
    Tony Parker
    Stephen Curry
    Hardest to leave of David Lee, Damian Lillard, Marc Gasol and Nicolas Batum

    -Great podcast guys I love to listen everyday

  48. Curry is better than Lee. If a Warrior gets chosen, it needs to be Curry. Opposing teams’ focus all of their defense towards stopping Curry, and he still gets up 3s, dishes assists, and leads the team. Lee has been great this year, but he doesn’t mean as much to the Warriors as Curry.

  49. Reserves

    East : Bosh , Pierce ,Noah , Irving , Chandler , George , D. Will

    West : Harden , Westbroook , Parker , Randolph , Duncan , Lee , Curry

    ROY: Royce White twitter :)

  50. 3 Frenchmen (Parker, Noah and Batum) would be kind of a big deal….

  51. Any selection without Lopez in the East is wrong. The guys is 4th in PER!

  52. As promised, here are our All-Star teams:

    TBJ’s Eastern Conf. reserves “locks”

    Kyrie Irving
    Jrue Holiday
    Joakim Noah
    Brook Lopez
    Paul George

    Skeets: Chris Bosh, Anderson Varejao (replaced w/ Josh Smith)
    Tas: Chris Bosh, Tyson Chandler
    Trey: Chris Bosh, Paul Pierce
    Leigh: J.R. Smith, Carlos Boozer

    TBJ’s Western Conf. reserves “locks”

    Russell Westbrook
    James Harden
    Tim Duncan
    Tony Parker

    Skeets: Marc Gasol, David Lee, LaMarcus Aldridge
    Tas: Serge Ibaka, Andrei Kirilenko, Steph Curry
    Trey: Marc Gasol, David Lee, LaMarcus Aldridge
    Leigh: Marc Gasol, David Lee, Nic Batum

  53. Also, masks are definitely needed in All-Star Games. (Thanks to @Jim_Ice)

  54. Isn’t Bill Walton a vegan?

  55. My bad – just checked – vegetarian – so milk would be fine.

  56. Hahaha as an aussie i laughed when you called leigh a fuckin cheapskate :)
    Yay for free trials

  57. In my opinion.
    East – Chandler, Bosh, Lopez, Noah, George, Holiday, Kyrie

    West – Batum, Lee, Duncan, Curry, Westbrook, Harden, Parker.

    Toughest omissions are Aldridge, Lillard, Batum, Jennings, Marc Gasol, Ibaka

  58. East:
    Irving, Holiday, Pierce, George, Bosh, Noah,
    Varejao – = Chandler

    Parker, Westbrook, Harden, Batum, Lee, Duncan, Gasol

    Couldn’t pick Curry with Westbrook and Harden there already.
    Plus Steph’s non 3pt fg% isn’t great around the same as his 3pt%= Don’t need a bomber.
    And didn’t take Josh Smith cause I’m expecting a deadline trade and there are already enough lakers.
    Faried and Lillard also came close, but I’ll enjoy them in the rookie/soph game.

  59. what if Greg Monroe was a medievil TV show that everyone talks about but i have no idea about?

    Greg Of Thrones

  60. Why you guys are the best NBA talk show? No unfounded Tyson Chandler love in your Allstar talk. Listening to the TNT turds you’d think he’s putting up Shareef Abdul Rahim #s. it started cuz he helped defeat Lebron. Before that, Tyson was just another tall, dunk, nothing else player. Dalembert was more respected around the league. Then, he went for 7pts/8boards in the Finals and he bacame a “winner,champion,leader,etc” and the DPOY was won during that finals. Just glad you guys actually watch critically, and check stats and don’t just hump ESPNs easy talking-points.
    Great job!
    RIP Rusillo!

  61. Ideas for irony: Noah’s Dental Office, Allen Iverson’s Practice Clinics, Rasheed’s Lie Detector Tests (“BALL DON’T LIE”), and Raymond Felton’s Weight Watchers.

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