Ballin: Check out Corey Brewer over here, throwing up 26 points off the bench and outscoring both Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook (not combined, silly) in the fourth quarter with 15 points on 4-6 shooting including three threes. Pretty impressive when you consider he wears his headband over his eyes.

Not so much: The Los Angeles Lakers dropped a game to the Raptors yesterday, pushing their season record to 17-23. That’s one fewer win than the Mavericks, who are having their worst season since 1999-2000, and one more win than the Kings, who are one of the worst franchises in the NBA. Cool season.

Superbaugh: Rajon “Touchdown Pass” Rondo is in the building tonight.

Perhaps the most amazing thing about this wicked smaht play is that the Celtics beat the Pistons’ shot clock, even though they only had a metaphorical seven seconds to go the entire length of the court. They should get an extra point for that.

What do free throws do?: Win games, which is why it’s nice that Andre Drummond — who was shooting 39 percent from the line for the season — hit six of eight during the fourth quarter after the Celtics went to a Bang-the-Drummond strat while trying to make a comeback.

Wackintosh apples: This is what got Dwight Howard kicked out of yesterday’s Lakers-Raptors game.

In the next version of the NBA, breathing heavily on opposing player will earn a Flagrant 2. Not feeling this trend.

Wise: I mentioned the Mavs’ disappointing season earlier, but they beat the Magic last night, which led to a pretty insightful quote from Elton Brand: “It’s good to start winning again.”

Other things: Andre Drummond is good at dunking because he jumps so high that he doesn’t even need to fully extend his arms while dunking … Lou Williams went down for the season over the weekend. Sorry, Hawks fans … Blake “Flops” Griffin, at your service … Please meet G-Rose … Whole lotta Kevin Love love on SNL this weekend … Fans of The Overdose will enjoy Jizzy Teacups’ tribute to himself

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  1. blake “flopper” griffin should be fined! dumb pu$$y

    • David Lee whines and flops all the time, and he’s considered to be this great, underrated player. Marc Gasol whines and flops just as much as his brother and he’s considered to be one of the best centers in the game. Reggie Evans flops if you look at him funny and we all just laugh it off. Blake Griffin flops and he’s a “pu$$y.” Like Cuban with skinny jeans, I don’t get it.

  2. I know blake can be a bitch sometimes, but that wasnt a flop….. that was like a “woah that was close” moment. A blake flop involves him holding his face or him being sprawled out on the floor.

    • He doesn’t shift his feet at all & bend his top half backwards as if he’s taking a charge. That’s clearly flopping.

      • so if someone throws a punch at your face, your first instinct isn’t to move your head, but rather to move shuffle your feet? good luck with that.

  3. I can’t watch live but please enjoy this Birdman-themed mattress commercial in celebration of him signing in Miami.

  4. Love how nene reacts to blake griffins flop^^

  5. I don’t know if everyone missed it, but Andre Drummond went 5 of 6 from the field, all 5 were dunks.

  6. Good Will Hunting reference.

    I see you Trey

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