Blocking a mascot’s shot when he’s trying to win free cheese for the entire crowd is pretty low. Doing it a second time is even worse.

I know that looks like the same play, but take it from the Denver Post — Russell Westbrook is Denver’s Public Enemy Number One:

SuperMascot Rocky shoots backwards halfcourt shots during a fourth-quarter timeout of every game. If he makes one, fans get free Qdoba queso. It’s perhaps the most-popular during-timeout thing they do at Nugget games.

Well, Rocky’s final attempt appeared to be going in, but the Thunder’s Russell Westbrook, walking onto the court, jumped up and blocked/goaltended the shot. The arena erupted in boos and fans continued to boo so every time Westbrook touched the basketball.

So that was bad enough, right?

Rocky returned to midcourt again during the next timeout. And Westbrook, again, caught the shot, this time throwing the ball into the stands. The boos became deafening.

To be honest, I’m surprised it wasn’t Rajon Rondo who did this, because it seems like a very Rondo thing to do. Next thing you know, Russell Westbrook will be passing up shots left and right.

Well, maybe not.