Ep. 912: The Dark of the Matinee

On Tuesday’s live episode of “The Fix,” The Jones breakdown the Grizzlies/Cavaliers multiplayer trade, before recapping a busy day of MLK basketball. Topics discussed include: Memphis’ final play, Paul George’s defense, D’Antoni moving Pau Gasol to the bench, a checked-out Dwight Howard, Jimmy Butler on Kobe, the Nets beating the Knicks at their own game, Cool Joe’s hot hand, Curry curls, why VDN decided to play Chris Paul, and the break’-em-up Wiz.

All that, plus a round of Crossfire, which includes an NBA edition of “Family Feud,” procrastination suggestions for Alvin Gentry, and classic games we’d like to see paired with live Twitter commentary.


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  1. in hindsight: have the Magic now officially won that Dwight Howard trade? every other team seems to not really enjoy the pieces they’ve got back, whereas the Magic should be quite happy with Afflalo and Vuc.

    • I’ve wondered this too. If Dwight indicates he won’t stay in LA, the Lakers will need to trade him (and his bird rights). When Adrian Wojnarowski used Kevin Love to attack people he has personal vendettas against, the seemingly unthinkable concept of trading Kevin Love was on many Minnesotans’ minds.

      Kevin would LOVE to be in LA, so we know he’d accept the trade. But regardless of whether either team would pursue such an unlikely hypothetical, I like to wonder if they should. On one hand, if Dwight can show he can be 95% of his Defensive Player of the Year self, his defense would make the trade worthwhile. But if Dwight never recovers that defensive intensity, doesn’t featuring D12 as your max star force your team to build a roster like the Magic did with defensive 3pt shooters that hover around the perimeter and wait for a kick-out from Dwight? And would a team like that waste Ricky Rubio’s talents?

      The Lakers wouldn’t make the trade because Kevin Love plays zero defense. The Wolves wouldn’t make the trade because they’re committed to a 24-year-old Olympian who is locked up until after the summer of 2015. But it’s interesting to wonder from a purely hypothetical team-building perspective.

      • as a fellow wolves aficionado I refuse to think about such a terrible scenario. I mean yeah sure, the wolves need some cool black guys (because 1. an all white starting five is kind of dorky and 2. I do NOT want to share a favorite team with european white supremacists) but can we please not even think about signing the most annoying dude in basketball right now that would also (yes, I agree) render the most exciting point guard in the league more or less useless? ugh.

        btw remember that roy guy? haven’t heard from him in a while. is he still alive?

        • “I mean yeah sure, the wolves need some cool black guys (because 1. an all white starting five is kind of dorky and 2. I do NOT want to share a favorite team with european white supremacists) ”

          Dumbest thing I’ve read in a while. Thanks.

        • @telecustom As a Wolves fan, doesn’t it feel weird to realize we have a player in Minnesota who we wouldn’t trade for Dwight Howard – a consensus top 5 player last year?

          • yeah well… the more I think about that the more I tend to agree with you. but on the other hand I’m not sure what I would feel like if the wolves hypothetically traded love and rubio for howard (won’t happen, I know), if I could still manage to be a wolves fan with dwight there (you’re actually from the area, do I remember that correctly? I’m a european former sonics fan whose favorite team just ceased to exist, then I turned to the wolves, so I’m not as deeply linked to the franchise). but right now I just wait for the superfun version of ricky/love to come back, while at the same time kinda half excpecting them to never really come together again. because kahn, and fate.

          • PS
            but yes, it is weird that we have such a player. although I think with love and rubio it’s also a feeling of “hey we found those guys, they might not be perfect but they’re OURS. so keep that dwight fella or get someone else, you’re the lakers, you can have anyone you want. but we can’t, so fuck you.”
            at least that’s how I feel.

    • Trades like that can’t be entirely evaluated in hindsight, just like how Pop scoffs every time someone asks if the Pau Gasol Grizzlies trade wasn’t the theft of the decade. It’s also pretty early to say who won or lost even if you’re taking the results oriented line. And let’s not forget that Orlando probably took back the second worst contract of the group in Al Buckets.

      • Harrington is expiring. but yeah, just saying, at the start of the season nobody would’ve expected to think this way at any point, which makes it kinda fun.

  2. Can we cool it with the Lakers talk? They suck, they’re going to miss the playoffs, that’s it.

    • The Lakers have deteriorated to annoying mediocrity that should not be relevant at all anymore.

    • well, like it or not, people will talk about things that are unexpected. so even though the guys also seem to not want to talk about the lakers all the time, they’re talking about the lakers all the time, because it’s kind of human nature to discuss astonishing things for some reason. I’m kind of tired of it myself, but at the same time I can’t stop talking about the DAMN LAKERS ALL THE TIME. they suck, true, but that exact statement still kind of blows my mind even if I tell my mind to not get blown (my mind doesn’t listen to me).

  3. What do his mates call him after he tells them to leave their clothes on?

    Trey Pervy

  4. Looks like Skeets is running out of quotes… GoT-reference two and a half month before the new season starts!? ;)

    Great show anyway, keep up the good work!

    • It’s because I just finished the fourth book last night.

      • Aaah, get ready for the much better ADWD then, AFFC was really the lowpoint of the series IMO (still pretty damn good, I’m just sayin’)

  5. Did anyone notice the great drop Trey made by saying who? WHO?!?! That’s a great drop right there!!!

  6. I’d like to see David Robinson live tweet about his 71 point performance against the Clippers in ’94 when he clinched the scoring title.

  7. Haven’t seen a show in a while…nice to see you guys!

  8. If Skeets paid a dollar every time he cussed, how long would it take him to raise enough cash to buy out Bargnani’s contract?

  9. I’ll go a dollar every time Skeet wears a smedium….Bargnani will be gone by the all star break

  10. When is everyone going to realize that the Lakers real problem is Kobe. No one likes Kobe on or off the court. Chemistry is such a huge factor in a team’s success, and the Lakers have the worst in the league. You need players to like and trust each other, because that’s when players try harder on both sides of the court. Kobe is a ball hog who continuously throws his teammates under the bus to the media. Dwight is not resigning with the Lakers as long as Kobe is still on the team. Kobe is a team killer and a cancer in the locker room. There’s no doubt that Kobe is one of the most talented NBA players ever, but he’s the worst NBA teammate you could ask for.

    • I’m with you. He is 25-for-79 last three. Dwight has 15 shot attempts.

    • well so was jordan, so there goes that argument. you don’t need to be nice as long as you’re winning. kobe was as much of an ass, probably more, when the lakers were still good and nobody cared. I think the lakers’ issues were adressed in depth on this show; kobe may be part of the struggles but definitely not “the real problem”

  11. I have to disagree with you Tas, that Pau is still one of the most talented – and, for me, THE most talented – low-post player in the NBA.

    He’s simply in the worst situation for him, and that has to affect his motivation. Put him on a team where he can do Pau things on offense and compete for a championship (or switch up things in L.A. so he can become Pau again), I think he’ll become an All-NBAer in no time. I think the situation in L.A. pisses him off. Talent has nothing to do with it.

  12. Count me among those in the “Pau is still good” (or rather, CAN be good, obviously he’s not playing well now) category. I don’t think it’s fair to discount his Olympics performance as just a good showing in the title game; he led Spain for the entire tournament and played well. And saying that this continues a downward trend from last year is to me, not really fair, as I don’t think Brown used Gasol all that well either, using him mostly in the high post/midrange (inefficient area for anyone) and putting Bynum or Kobe on the block. He was still pretty effective anyway – 17-10 on 50% shooting (just) is not a big drop off from previous two years.

    Furthermore, per the awesome John Schuhmann, the Lakers are a net +9.7 with Gasol on and Howard off (net +7.5 with just Howard, net -0.8 with both on) and his FG% goes back up to 50. The dude can still play. I wish Bargnani was healthy and shooting well so that the Calderon/Bargnani for Gasol trade could be at least vaguely tempting to the Lakers, I’d definitely do that (as a Raptors fan). Come on Lakers! Not only do you get a stretch 4 (um, assuming he gets his shot back), Calderon’s pretty good Nash insurance!

    I do wonder what this team would’ve looked like with Phil Jackson. Probably not much better since the defense is really the biggest of many issues (and I’m not sure how Nash or Howard would really look in the triangle…Howard points per post isn’t great this year, and it seems like it might waste Nash) but I think Gasol might’ve been much better.

    Fun question: If (when) they don’t make the playoffs, do they fire D’Antoni then? How does Howard’s free agency affect that? Who would they hire instead? Even with a fresh season and Dwight back I’m not sure Phil would come back to this particular group, way too much drama with the Kobe-Dwight stuff simmering.

  13. Javale’s “bad triple-double”!

  14. Great joke I heard Jeff Mattas tell: “Why is DJANGO UNCHAINED the Lakers’ favorite movie? There’s a lot of shooting, and the ‘D’ is silent.”

    Also, Skeets got robbed vis-à-vis Crossfire. His response to the third prompt was a…GOOD ANSWER! GOOD ANSWER! GOOD ANSWER!

  15. Can you guys get a drop of the Wizards announcer screaming “DAGGER!!!!!” after the Jordan Crawford buzzer beater?

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