All-Star Weekend is the most wonderful time of the year for all the solemen out there, because that’s when a bunch of cool new shoes come out. It’s like a shoe showcase where all the displays are dunks, which means it’s pretty smart. Your first entrance in the All-Star zapatos game comes from Nike’s “Extraterrestrial” pack, which includes new versions of the LeBron X, Kobe 8 and KD V and a kind of hilarious description about where these shoes come from.

From Nice Kicks:

LeBron X ”Extraterrestrial”

Rumored to have journeyed to earth on a meteor made of the galaxy’s hardest substance – black diamonds, the model takes a a purple hue for the overlays and black rests within the inlays. Furthering the story the model originated from NSP-LJ6, a planet discovered by the Nike Space Program (NSP).

Kobe 8 System ”Extraterrestrial”

Originating on planet NSP-KB24, the Kobe 8 is part of the guardian of the five rings. Able to freeze his opponents in his stance, Kobe has been given an orange tinted look over the engineered mesh upper and green highlights over the Nike Swoosh and liner.

KD V ”Extraterrestrial”

Known as the legendary Dark Matter, his weapon of choice will be the KD V. Believed to have originated on planet NSP-KD35, the shoe packs a lime green upper highlighted with a dark green on the heel counter and accented with orange on the laces.

I’m not sure about all that stuff, but I really do like all of these because I’m of the opinion that your All-Star shoes should be as insane as possible. Basing them on made-up planets, making them in extra bright colors and then covering them in details certainly achieves that.

Were I ranking them, I’d probably go Kobe then Durant then LeBron, but they’re all pretty close. I love the orange Jupiter-y upper on the Kobes, the entire color scheme of the KDs and how LeBron’s shoe looks like a jewel. Weird idea — though it is wisely based on Houston being the home of NASA’s Mission Control Center and continues Nike’s space-themed All-Star shoes — but the execution is great. If basketball were played on non-existent planets, this is definitely what the shoes would look like.

After the jump, there are more pictures of these bad riders. All of these will be available at retail stores on February 15. Let’s hear what you think in the comments.

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  1. I guess I’m alright with these since we won’t see anything that will top the Galaxy release for a long, long time.

    • Also, sad to see the Nice Kicks link. They’re like the Bleacher Report of shoe blogs. Although, I guess I don’t know which sneaker site or community would be best to link, as they’re all kinda bad. =/

      • They’re the nicest guys in the game, plus they have an actual store and are well-connected. Nice Kicks is legitski.

        • I was technically wrong in that Complex is the actual BR of sneaker blogs. Maybe it’s changed in the last year, but I saw Nice Kicks used a lot of yellow journalism techniques to drive clicks (I appreciate that TBJ is the anti-ESPN; that plus the goofy humor is why I’m a big TBJ fan) and they’re also guilty of the same thing that afflicts most product-driven communities in that they see their group and their beloved product beyond reproach unless criticizing said product, like some Orion VIIs, is cool. They’re kinda just blind that much of what they’re pushing is an identity that revolves around people with little disposable income repeatedly buying increasingly lower quality consumer products from a multi-billion-dollar company.

          The only things I thought was cool, the NK shoe archive resource that described older Jordan shoe models and introduced new people to the game, isn’t updated or even complete.

  2. Detail of the inside of the shoe is pretty cool.

  3. I’m pretty sure this is the equivalent of porn for Trey. Especially after hearing he likes girls to keep their clothes on.

  4. Luv them all! They are like the lady of the earth! Mark my words……..

  5. Just out of curiosity, how much more do All-Star shoes tend to run compared to the regular versions?

  6. Christian Louboutin Shoes are is one of the best shoes for sure.

  7. Celine Bag matching every kinds of shoes,heels and boots. it suits for everyone.

  8. Why is everybody so into ugly sneakers these days? Can’t we go with some plain and simple beauty instead of screaming loudness?

  9. These are horrendous. Like some rejected crap from the early 90s.

    But I bet they would look ok with some sagging Girbaurd’s and a Yaga tshirt!

  10. I just think it’s unfair that certain stores only get a limited amount of these shoes in stock. By the time you get to the store every employee at Footlocker or Hoops has already purchased all the shoes and then tell you they are sold out. I think the day before they are released in stores Nike should have a midnight sale on their website for those that really want to buy one pair of shoes for themselves as opposed to those who buy 5 and then sell then at a ridiculous price online.

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