Hope you enjoyed your lunch today because it’s gross out time. Nothing as sick as when Wilson Chandler tried to eat David Lee’s elbow, but this story is still pretty disgusting. It’s from last night’s Spurs-Sixers game and it involves Kawhi Leonard’s left knee, a nail and the terrible things that can happen when you combine those two things.

From the San Antonio Express-News:

Then there was the peculiar injury that forced Spurs forward Kawhi Leonard to leave the most tense portion of the game with 1:31 remaining. He suffered a gash on his kneecap when he fell to the court and encountered a nail sticking up from the hardwood.

“I just hit the hardwood on one of those nails, really hard,” said Leonard, who made two of the biggest plays of the period for the Spurs. “It busted my knee wide open.

“It kind of felt funny when I tried to explode up the court when we got the ball and I tried to cut to the basket, so I had to come out and see what was wrong before I injured it worse.”

Yeah, that’s gross, especially if you went to see “Freddy Got Fingered” in the theater with a group of your high school friends and can’t help thinking about this scene while imagining that you’d barf if you ever saw Kawhi Leonard’s post-nail knee. No me gusta.

Then again, now that we know Philadelphia’s court has random nails sticking out of it, maybe NBA Cares can do a little something to help out their own players. They’ve got all those hammers lying around, so might as well put them to good use.

(via SB Nation)