Some jokes:

  • More like Swagramento Kings, am I right?
  • Great. Now the Kings are definitely moving to Seattle.
  • Not any worse than the last time Justin Bieber was involved with something NBA-related.
  • I heard this and I was like, “Baby, baby, baby, nope.”
  • If it were Opposite Day, I’d be very excited to hear Seattle’s response tune, which I’m sure is some sort of Nicki Minaj remake.
  • This just earned DeMarcus Cousins another suspension.

Your turn.

(via Sactown Royalty)

Comments (5)

  1. You can never get tired of ball jokes.

  2. and not one piece of kings apparel was seen that day(excluding hats, but everyones got hats)

  3. I honestly can’t tell if that guy is trying to be bad at singing, or is actually trying but just sucks. I also enjoy their in ability to rhyme and the fact that bubblegum has absolutely nothin to do with Sacramento.

    - this group just passed the Lakers for fourth best team based out of California. When the kings leave, they’ll take that bronze. This video stopped at least three guys from ever scoring (with anyone) and that’s better than the lakers will ever do under D’Antoni.

  4. For some reason, throughout the entire clip I kept thinking, “Skinny jeans, I don’t get it!”

  5. this is worst then the Chris Bosh please stay video.. lol

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