Sometimes it’s easy to forget that James Jones is still on the Miami Heat considering he’s played a grand total of 68 minutes this season. But between being a duet partner of Pat Riley’s and improvisational skills that allow him to turn “Go run and tell your little boyfriend” in to “Hey, man. Yo tell your boy to give me some more minutes, man, I wanna play!,” everything should work out just fine.

But if not, at least this picture of Mike Miller and Chris Andersen performing “Ice Ice Baby” exists (and here’s the video, which is a bit of a letdown, honestly).

Too cold.

(via Beyond the Buzzer, who also has a terrible LeBron James performance of “Rock with You”)

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  1. Are we sure that’s not Andrew Bynum in the background?

  2. Haha, the name of Shane Battier’s Charity is Take Charge Foundation, how fitting.

  3. james jones is actually a decent singer. mike miller and the birdmans performance of ice ice baby was indeed very disapointing though

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