I know you are probably thinking that the Los Angeles Lakers’ season started on October 30 when they lost their first game of the 2012-13 season to the Dallas Mavericks. Or maybe you are thinking their season really started on November 9 when they played their first game after firing Mike Brown. Or, I guess, you could think they Lakers’ season started on November 20, which is the date of the first game they played under Mike D’Antoni. Then again, you can’t be blamed for thinking the Lakers’ season started January 13, right after D’Antoni told them their “season starts Sunday.”

With all these different stories, it is kind of confusing to find out when this season actually started for the Lakers. Thankfully, the Lakers have Dwight Howard around to set the record straight. From ESPN’s Dave McMenamin:

Dwight Howard: “I think this will be the start of a new season tonight. Our effort and energy will be better. It starts with me”

Just when you thought the Lakers couldn’t start a season over again, they just go and declare a new start while all the other dumb teams are just now realizing they’ve played half of their made-up season for no real reason. VERY smart of the Lakers to get the jump on the rest of the league by starting over midway through this nonsense campaign. When in doubt, start it over.

Funny part about all that, though, is that those 41 games the Lakers have already sucked through actually did count. I know — it sounds crazy, but it’s true. Just because you decide to restart the season, doesn’t mean the actual season is invalid. It really counts. And that means the Lakers need to win almost 70 percent of their games if they’re hoping to win that eighth playoff seed, as 45 wins is pretty much the standard for getting in to the postseason in the Western Conference. Good luck with that, team who is currently 22nd in defensive efficiency in all those fake seasons that the rest of the teams have been seriously playing the past few months.

Then again, if things go poorly during this new new new new season, I guess the Lakers can just start over again. Sooner or later they’ll end up over .500.