On Wednesday’s live episode of “The Fix,” The Jones discuss Kevin Durant’s playmaking, OKC’s bench unit, Bledsoe’s midrange jumper, “The Kyrie Irving Show,” Tristan Thompson’s anatomy, the Celtics’ offense, Monta Ellis’ best game as a Buck, and the suddenly streaking Detroit Pistons.

All that, plus our All-Star bench players, neck tattoos, NBA players we’d live to see get a biopic made of their life, blisters, and fantastic idea on how to make the All-Star Game more competitive.


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  1. Ryan Anderson for the bench all stars? One of the few scoring big men in the league coming off the bench.

  2. Tas, there’s no evidence that should make you believe Rondo will do anything at the end of the game, so stop holding your breath. He gets rid of the ball and hides in the corner down the stretch of any close games. Per 82games “Clutch time” stats, amongst qualifying players, Rondo has been 121/140 and 196/204 in points per 48 minutes — an amazing stat. For fun, look at the 8 guys he’s ahead of from the 2010-2011 season.

  3. Shitty opening quote.

  4. Trey talking jheri curl, already an insta-classic.

  5. One of my friends puts duct tape on his arches when playing to prevent blisters.

  6. Terrance Ross bench all star on the JaVale McGee principle.

  7. JJ Reddick on merit.

  8. two quick corrections/comments

    Trey, Charlevoix is a town in Michigan, invaded by Chicagoans every summer.
    While the ASG is pretty much a laugher most years, the 05 ASG featured an incredible defensive performance by the pistons and paul pierce. They entered the game down double digits and bottled it up. Still my favorite ASG

  9. Big Macs have bar codes?

  10. you guys are str8 dumb with the commentary hahahahaha, but really entertaining lol.
    definitely a fan now

  11. Skeets, you piece of shit, how many fucking starters can you pretend are bench players? Fuck you!

  12. I turn my socks inside out to prevent blisters. Haven’t had a blister in ten years!

    • Also, how about some love for Ramon Sessions off the bench for the Kitties? 18.5 PER (11th for all PGs), leading the league in FT/40 mins, a natural Feline look.

      Team sucks but if you can lock in Irving for the real All-Star team . . .

      Also, no starts the whole year, Skeets!

  13. I remembering the article a while back talking about how the Cavs want to save some money to try and lure Lebron back. Can you imagine Irving and Lebron? Oh my god.

  14. I know that everyone liked Tony Parker as a wild card reserve for the all star team by why is Grevious Vasquez getting no love at all. can we give him an honorable mention for what he’s done this season?

  15. Wasn’t Jordan Hill declared out for the season weeks ago? Thus the little playing time…

  16. I was about to say the same thing, Hill’s down in minutes because he’s….um… hurt.

  17. Skeetdon’t say God Shammgod’s name in vain (Kyrie didn’t pull it off)

  18. Oh and you guys forgot the all-time greatest worst tattoo of all time: Richard jefferson’s “I designed this when I was five years old with magic markers” deltoid initials……

  19. Chris Duhon has a short torso too…

  20. I posted about an All-Bench All-Star team yesterday (http://beatsdimesanddrives.blogspot.com/2013/01/bdds-all-bench-all-stars.html). Lots of common thoughts here. Well done.

  21. A more realistic way to make the ASG more competitive- have the East and West choose respective charities to play for, NBA donates money from ticket/merch sales to the charity of the winning side.

  22. No JR Smith mentioned in the McDonalds interview? How do you miss a dude with more tats than skin?

  23. I’m mostly too much of a coward to make predictions but once I made one about Kevin Durant: during his first season I said that he would lead the nba in scoring soon and become a regular 30ppg-candidate (isn’t it weird that he was once a sonic btw? uhg great, now I made myself sad). granted, that wasn’t very hard but it wasn’t obvious either (I predicted that during an actual, kind of heated discussion). now here’s my second KD prediction, we’ll see if I’m right this time too:
    next year we will consider KD to be the best player in the world. he is taking this step right now, before our very eyes, preparing us for it; and next season the transformation will be complete.
    also, while I’m at it: the heat won’t defend their title.

    phew. I hope I’m not going to look all that stupid in a year- but whatever, it’s the internet, nobody cares^^

  24. all star bench team – Pau Gasol!

  25. Great show guys. Love it, one of the best one’s this year for me. Skeets! Don’t let them give you any shit about your opening lines!

  26. btw I’m pretty high right now and I completely lost it during that awesome short segment during which trey said norris cole looked like a Tekken character followed shortly after by tas’ “eeemahhnnn shoom-ppperrrtt” drop.

    and it took me forever to write this. I need snacks.

  27. Then make sure you clock Bret Michaels’ dial next time you see him, Tas…


  28. Also, worst tattoo by far is Marquis Daniels’ suicide committing dude. Far outweighs everybody else’s collections. Birdman being back should have reminded you all of his ridiculous tattoos as well.

  29. Shouldve been a beckinsale

  30. Definitely gotta throw Robert Swift on the tattoo McRib watch.

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