And suddenly, all was right with the world.

(via Dallas Mavericks’ Tumblr/Rob Mahoney)

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  1. Now the same guy needs to get his bottle of Orange Juice signed…

  2. I read “OJ Mayo signed FOR a jar of mayonnaise” He’s probably worth more than that….probably.

  3. JE: “Also here in studio, it’s TBJ blog editor, Trey Kerby.”

    Trey: “Mayo.”

    OJ (via Skype): “Maaaaayyyooooooo.”

  4. Would Rudy G. sign Elton John or George Michael?

  5. He should have chosen a product with less fat and more zip. A tasty spread like: Miracle Whip.

  6. Do you think he’d sign a jar of Stenson’s mayostard? How about Vaunnies mustardayonnaise? Or maybe Mundees mustmayostardayonnaise?

  7. Someone should mix orange juice and mayonnaise in a jar together and then get him to sign it.

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