Ballin: Take your pick of awesome fourth quarter performances by perimeter players whose first name starts with “K” — you can go with Kevin Durant’s insane 13-point fourth where he was 3-3 from three and threw down a huge dunk or you can go with Kyrie Irving’s 15-point fourth to lead his team’s comeback win against the Celtics on the way to his second 40-point game of the season. Both are very good choices.

Not so much: Following last night’s loss to the Cavaliers, the Boston Celtics became the second NBA team this season to be below .500 while featuring two All-Star starters. Hi, Lakers.

Hey now!: Here’s Nick Young showing Larry Sanders how the Garden Weasel working.

If anybody can figure out who it is who yells at the top of their lungs when Swaggy throws this down, I’d love to know. That is some scream.

Nice work: Glen Davis went 4-15 in the first half of the Magic’s loss to the Pistons, then went 0-1 in just five minutes of playing time in the second half. No word on the dancing, but I’m guessing that went poorly too.

Oh Geez: People have said it before, but it’s true — Alonzo Gee is an underrated in-game dunker. Here’s his latest.

Pretty strong tomahawk, if you ask me. I like this dunk.

Deer leader: In the Bucks’ past two games, Ersan Ilyasova is averaging 27 points and 15 rebounds in two Milwaukee wins. Those numbers are literally three times higher than his season averages (8.9 points, 5.6 rebounds) if you throw out the last two games.

Gimme some more: Here is Busta Rhymes doing the halftime show at last night’s Pistons game.

He’s still got it. (“It” is the ability to rap so fast that no one can understand the words.)

Other things: Derrick Rose is almost back to full contact workouts … Blake Griffin is not a great fast break passer … Just two swaggy bros … For laughs, take a second to remember the time the Lakers wore short shorts during the 2007-08 season

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  1. Sure looks like Nick Young is the guy screaming in that clip; He doesn’t do it until Larry Sanders fouls him, and then carries it all the way down to the floor. The change in the timbre of the scream comes from the Swaggy Somersault that follows, I think.

    • yep, your right. watch it full screen and in HD and you can see him screaming as he comes down. gotta pay the price for an awesome dunk, i guess

  2. Busta does a halftime show in the D & doesn’t do a single Dilla song? He’s lost “it”.

  3. The irony of him telling Detriot they’re “getting paper” is not lost on me

  4. Durant is the MVP.

  5. bring back the short shorts for good!
    (not really)
    (maybe really)
    seriously though: please nba, bring back those 80ies pacers jerseys for good, or at least early-mid 90ies pacers jerseys. and suns jerseys from that same period. and bucks, while we’re at it.
    the nba just keeps picking the wrong retro accesoirs/jerseys to bring back (aside from the knicks maybe who probably know cool because of new york).

  6. They missed a double dribble on Gee’s dunk. He gets Irving’s pass with his right hand, dribbles once, then pushes the ball to his left before dribbling to the hoop. Unless that initial right-hand dribble happens before he officially controls the ball?

    Whatever, it was worth a missed call for that pack on KG. Damn.

  7. That scream during/after Nick Young’s dunk was somebody being stabbed.

  8. KG tried pretty hard to not even be in the wide-angle camera view for that poster.

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