When this happened, I really hope Caron Butler said something like, “In your face … yours too.” I don’t think that went down, but it would be pretty righteous if it did.

(via CJ Fogler)

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  1. Holy crap, how dumb that commentator is? “The ball bounced back onto the court, should they play on?”

    How can you work on a basketball game and don’t know this obvious rule? If the referee is out of bounds, anything that touches him (ball or player) is out of bounds too. If he’s inbounds, anything that touches him is inbounds.

    I hate when commentators say stupid stuff about a basketball game, it kills the mood. Like when they say “That should have been a block, his feet were moving.” Seriously? The feet? The important thing is the point of contact (usually the shoulder/chest area) and who initiated said contact, not the freaking feet (unless he’s inside the restricted area, obviously). Or the classic “He didn’t earn that foul, he’s a rookie.” Yeah, right.

    Other than that, pretty cool vid. I’ve never seen that happen in an NBA game in 10+ years. Kinda weird when you think about it.

  2. I’m pretty sure he actually said something along the lines of ‘get that fuggin sh*t outta here”

  3. Well, looks like both Nick Collison and Blake Griffin (possibly DeAndre Jordan too) are due to be suspended for a game!

  4. There must be something in the water of LA Clipper games, everyone is flopping now.

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