Ep. 914: Cats and Dogs

On Thursday’s live episode of “The Fix,” The Basketball Jones introduce the “Lakers Swear Jar” before breaking down all 11 NBA games from Wednesday night. Topics discussed include: L.A.’s hopeless defensive effort, Steph Curry’s shimmy shake and late-game steal, Westbrook’s passive fourth quarter, the quintessential Raps-Heat game, what Brook Lopez does in the dark, Joakim Noah’s hustle, and much more.

All that, plus eye infections, the Royal Rumble, a brand new TBJ game called: NBA Cats and Dogs.


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  1. The media player says “Unknown content specified.”

  2. Wow that’s a cute kitten and puppy, I have a feeling today’s show is a good one

  3. I feel like using “The Team that shall not be named” is trying to circumvent the swear jar. You either talk about them and put money in the jar or you don’t mention them, even with euphemisms.

  4. Rec League Season starts today

  5. This one is gold!

  6. Matt O and Treys private conversations are creepy and need to stay private.

  7. King does the “beep beep” at the end of every Bulls win

  8. Love the swear jar idea. The team that shall not be named needs a break.

  9. The truth about cat or dog: bad bit. Get Leigh more cards.

  10. Lee: you only need to add about $0.95 AUD each time you want to talk about the Lakers.

  11. Brook Lopez – Is a cat. LOL! Tas made my point. =)
    Javale McGee – Is a dog.
    westbrook- dog
    ginobili- cat
    vince carter- cat
    Monta Ellis- Cat.

  12. Less Matt and more Leigh.

  13. I love how Sap goes for 16/15/3/3/2 and all Leigh mentions is his points.

    Kinda wish the Jazz sent him more VHS tapes from the 80s and 90s . . .

  14. Junior Smyth is the cattiest in the league. Kosta Koufos, the doggiest.

    Westbrook is a tough one. His personality has the aloofness and the not giving a fuck that typifies cat. His athleticism reminds me more of a dog. He’s not contorting himself when he goes to the rack, he’s got a stiffer, stronger athleticism that’s more similar to a dog’s. What really makes him a dog though is his relentlessness (doggedness?). He’s got that terrier or bulldog trait where they just don’t quit and that’s just never something you would see in a cat. Verdict: Dog.

  15. Dwight Howard, cat or dog? It’s pretty obvious Dwight’s a bitch.


  17. Hey Guys,

    I think this answers the Rusell Westbrook question:


  18. Monta is a dog… the kind that takes the ball to his own little corner and destroys it so noone else can play with it.

  19. Westbrook is more cat in my opinion. Cats like to swat at a ball of yarn, just like Westbrook likes to swat at a mascott’s half court shots.

    Honestly, he’s in his own category: Weasel. HONEY BADGER DON’T CARE!

  20. As an animal lover (got 3 cats), I loved that new segment! You guys are killing it with the random thursdays, keep it up!

  21. Marco Polo already had a game winner this year.

  22. Matty,

    There is only one me.

    George Big

  23. Just wanted to give props to Matt for his drop game today. On target every time, responding where needed, pre-empting where needed. Even his one false start (the half lock) was amalgamated into the show nicely by Tas. Top job mate.

  24. JaVale McGee is a cat. There is a saying that something difficult is “like trying to herd cats.” I feel like George Karl would describe the process of coaching JaVale in much the same way.

  25. The Cat or Dog game is great stuff guys.
    Vince Carter is a cat… His athleticism seemed effortless as a youngster and he enjoyed jumping around a lot. As an older cat, he just looks like the roommate that’s always sleeping on the couch when you come home.

    • Totally convinced me! Also the reason why i like cats and vc: both are elegant and just chillin.

  26. I’m sitting in a room alone loudly agreeing with the fact that Ginobli batting the bat out of the air totally makes him a cat.

    Also to clarify, does coldarone have a ham factory or a pig farm? ‘Cause you can’t trust anyone who owns a pig farm.

  27. The leopard shirt suggests that Russell Westbrook is in the feline family…


  28. Damn Skeet those smediums so tight they fuckin with yo eyeballs

    • Kind of just wanted to say Trey looked all fat since it’s been awhile, but it’s good to see trolls developing in TBJ-specific ways. Who among us will take on the task of trolling Tas and his ridiculous haircut? The sceptre awaits.

  29. I love you guys.

  30. I got a couple bucks for the Lakers swear jar, I put money on under 58 wins, and now they’ve hit 25 losses, cha ching!

  31. Antoine Carr was the daddy dog! Westbrook is a dog. One of them jacked-up Spudz McKenzie dogs. Also, I’ve always thought he really looks like one of them hell-hound things from Ghostbusters. You know the thing that Ric Moranis turns into.

  32. westbrook is neither cat or dog. he is a ninja turtle.

  33. As a cat lover and a Bruin, I am in the completely biased opinion that Russell is a cat. Dogs are constantly trying to please, obedient, lovable, and (mostly) friendly.

    Russ went up against a mountain lion and rejected his shot not once, but twice- in an arena full of Nuggets fans. Yup, Russ is a cat. Indifferent, independent, and fashionable.

  34. I think you guys estimate the amount of Laker Haters (myself included) around the world. I love hearing about how much the Lakers blow and why Kobe is a bad leader and Pau is soft. As a Warriors fan, this season couldn’t be going any better. They have their first All Star in 16 years, are playing great ball, and the Lakers are garbage. I think you should only talk about them when they lose.

  35. Westbrook is such a dog it is ridiculous.
    I’ve always seen him as this drooling, snarling, mean-spirited pitbull who’s just chomping at the bit. One day, he will get off the leash and cause absolute havoc. At the moment, he can’t get free so he’s stuck ruining mascot half court shots and playing other little games while he bides his time.

  36. I’m sure some one said it, but… that mascot incident makes Russel a dog, for sure! A guy that can not stop ruining some other guys game, by constantly catching the ball… Come on! Only a dog would do that.

  37. As someone whose fiancĂ© is a vet, on the health of cats and dogs in relation to Westbrook, I can confirm that on average cats are way healthier than dogs (also recover from illness or injury way faster than dogs, and if they are injured, are less likely show signs of pain). Westbrook’s a cat. And keeping with the health angle, to the person who said Westbrook is a bull dog, bull dogs are probably the least healthy breed of dog. Bull dogs are from birth basically guaranteed to rack up huge vet bills. Westbrook is totally not a bull dog. Andrew Bynum = bull dog.

  38. I’m sure you guys saw it, but Simmons made a great NBA Cats and Dogs reference in his column today comparing Rajon Rondo to a cat. Fits perfectly.

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