Remember the good old days when the New Orleans Hornets were the Charlotte Hornets and the New Orleans Hornets weren’t in existence? Well, those days just got even older as the New Orleans Hornets just unveiled their new name — the Pelicans, as everyone has known for months — new colors and new logo, which you see up there. I’m not sure how this will play on a Starter jacket your sister wears, but it’s good.

Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a top 10 logo in the NBA. But it isn’t bottom 10 either, which means it hits somewhere in the middle and that’s OK by me. I mean, there’s a bird with a basketball for its body, so how can you really complain? The colors look good — though a bit generic, since blue and red is the most popular color scheme in existence — especially since it seems like the gold part will be pretty minor and just used for accents, as gold should be. Trinidad James might be fine with all gold everything, but the rest of us should use it in moderation.

My one complaint is this — for a standard team logo, this looks a lot like an All-Star Game logo. Maybe it’s because the New Orleans part of it is so big and ornate, or maybe it’s larger horizontally than it is vertically, but it kind of reads as a logo made for a city rather than a team. Without the wordmarks however, like on this hat, it looks pretty cool. Not to mention, as Eric Freeman points out, this franchise has tremendous upside potential when it comes to giant, stuffed mascots running around the court.

So yeah, that’s the new logo (and there are some secondary logos after the jump) and we’ll still have a wait a bit to see what’s up with the uniforms, even though you can currently buy Pelicans merchandise on the Hornets’ website, which makes for a strange sort of thing. Let’s just hope the New Orleans braintrust doesn’t pull a Prokhorov and let the local rap superstar design the jerseys. I don’t think anyone wants to see Lil Wayne’s idea of basketball clothes.

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  1. Does this mean Charlotte can stop calling themselves the Bobcats anytime soon?

  2. C’mon, Pelicans! (Tony Montana voice)

  3. “Bird-de-lis” is embarrassing. What are the top 10 logos? Sixers, Bulls… those are the top two.

    • golden states bridge logo, and bucks retro logo, and honestly I love the raptors carton dino…

  4. I like this. It really makes the pelican look like the fierce bird that it is.

  5. If you’re looking for another good pelican drop check out Butta Verese on “No” from De La Soul’s The Grind Date. I think the line is “I swoop in like a pelican do, say look at that pelican fly”. Just trying to be helpful.

  6. Nailed it. It’s an all star game logo. Or an arena football team. The colors, the dimensions, it just doesn’t have longevity.

    And how do you have a team named Pelicans and not depict the beak shape that everyone associates with pelicans.

  7. the secondary logos are great. the primary, not so much. the letters shouldn’t be this big. well said: looks like an all-star game logo.

  8. looks like a pterodactyl

  9. i think it’s easier to sell merch when you’re dealing with a dark blue or black.
    i can get with that. i really like the name. and it opens the time-machine hatch (?) for the Charlotte Hornets to play against the Seattle SuperSonics in the 2014 NBA Finals.

  10. I actually really like all the logos, not to much the name, but the logo’s are sick.

  11. Better than the Thunder logo.

  12. Looks a lot like the Wingstop logo to me

  13. Thumbs up, clean and cooler then I expected.

    • ditto, a lot better looking than i was expecting. plus i don’t mind the name, so the whole thing gets a thumbs up.

      wonder if the mascot will be a giant pelican…

  14. Too much like a military logo for me…

  15. The head of the pelican looks like a turkey head with no beak, with the bill of the pelican being the super long wattle of the turkey

  16. “not sure how this will play on a Starter jacket your sister wears”

    subtle, Kerby. I like it!

  17. even though I regret the name hornets to disappear from the scene (no idea if the bobcats are going forward with picking up the name) I’m just still glad they renamed them into sth local and weird. (I still hate the name “thunder”. worst name change ever. also their away jerseys. did they make those with microsoft paint?)
    as such, the logo is kinda ok I guess… a lot depends on the unis now.
    the angry pelican looks a bit forced though. angry animals in sports logos are such a 90ies thing… and not the good kind of 90ies thing.

  18. Looks like an All-Star logo.

    Colours are too similar to other teams. The turquoise and yellow was disgusting but at least it was unique.

    The word Pelicans should be in large and New Orleans in small. I don’t like the change.

    Other than that, I like it. Pretty cool.

  19. Doesn’t look like a pelican…

    Looks like it should be on a tall can

  20. I prefer when team names are representative of the city or state/country they are playing in and I find that pretty rare, especially in the NBA. So I’m all for the name change to the Pelicans.

    Now if only the Raptors could change their name to the Huskies..

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