Ballin: I guess LeBron James’ 31-10-11 triple-double is pretty good, but it took the Heat an extra five minutes to beat the Raptors at home, so you tell me. Oh, it’s a really good line? Yeah, that makes sense.

Not so much: The Detroit Pistons have lost 17 straight games against the Bulls, including last night when they blew a 17-point third quarter lead in Chicago. So basically, the number 17 is cursed for them, which is probably something to do with Mark Grace but I’m not sure.

Memory card: Here is Joakim Noah literally saving the game.

I kind of feel like Stacey King stole my catchphrase here. I’ll let it slide because he makes a lot of food jokes, but I just want him to know that I know.

Lemme see your grill: In his first career start, Ivan Johnson went for 12 points, 15 rebounds and three steals in a Hawks win. I’ll let you be the one to tell him he’s not starting the next game. Too scary.

Tallies: 22 points in 26 minutes for Brook Lopez, who leads all centers in scoring, PER and sounding hilarious. Truly, these are All-Star credentials.

Jerks: Don’t even try to play defense on the San Antonio Spurs because they’ll just end up embarrassing you.

Even worse, Tim Duncan debuted a new operating system while on the bench with knee soreness. Quite the accomplishment for his team of techies.

Update: The Lakers lost another season opener, this time to the Grizzlies, marking their fourth straight L and 10th in 12 games. Moving on.

Insult, injury: Not only did the Jazz beat the Wizards, Jamaal Tinsley put the ball through Trevor Booker’s legs before missing a layup that was eventually tip-dunked by Paul Millsap. Classic No. 1 D-League draft pick kind of stuff.

Teacher-student: Stephen Curry had to have learned this from Mark Jackson.

The coolness of this play got significantly downgraded when Steph missed four threes on the Warriors’ next two possessions, but it was certainly cool while it lasted.

Defense is our backbone: The Nuggets forced the Rockets in to 22 turnovers and blocked eight of their shots on the way to a nice road win. But Clyde Drexler thinks Andre Miller looks like Richard Pryor, so it’s all good.

What?: Michael Beasley scored 13 fourth quarter points in the midst of a 30-14 Suns run that led to a Phoenix road win. I never thought I’d type that sentence.

Give those eggs a couple of beats: The Blazers beat the Pacers last night, snapping a six-game losing streak just before a five game stretch that sees them face a playoff team four times. Nice timing.

Other things: Here is Team TBJ on NBA 2K13 … Ricky Rubio going all Jamaal Tinsley on the Nets … Cool cover, NY Post … John Wall seems like a nice guy … Jimmy Butler threw down a real good pizzas kind of dunk