We all need to schedule a little leisure time in to our lives, and Dwyane Wade apparently had his set up for right after the game and wasn’t going to just skip out on his chill session because his team was in overtime. Sometimes it just feels good to take a seat after a long day on the job, OK? Yeah, maybe it could have waited, but it’s five o’clock somewhere and Dwyane Wade never misses an opportunity to relax.

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  1. he also made that flip thing after the foul. didnt see it there, but you can hear the crowd. classic d wade.

    • Saw that too. Wondered why the broadcast didn’t show it in replay. That’s the kind of thing they show in replay when they can, like Westbrook blocking that mascot’s halfcourt shot a few nights ago.

  2. i didnt really think that was a foul. on the replay it seemed like he wasnt even touched. btw not a raptor fam

  3. How about the guy with the iphone with quick work to get a photo. Thats a Iphone commercial right there.

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