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On today’s Overdose, The Jones discuss: All-Star snubs and surprises, who they want in the Three-Point Shootout and Slam Dunk Contest, trades they’d like to see (*drops coins in Lakers Swear Jar*), and some of their preseason predictions regarding potential playoff teams, backup point guards, and ‘Melo vs. Kobe.

All that, plus washing machines, pelican facts, and Benny the Bull.


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  1. I know that talking about the Lakers can get needlessly expensive, but has anyone said anything about the fact that Dwight clearly faked “aggravating” his shoulder? Good money says he went 0-4 didn’t get the touches he want and just said “Fuck this I’m not playing anymore”. Who was surprised when doctors said it wasn’t serious?

    Also – Told you so and the Deng pick. Coaches love that guy!

  2. I’d like to see Vince Carter traded to the OKC Thunder.

    Mavs Trade:
    G/F – Vince Carter
    PG – Rodrigue Beaubois

    Thunder trade:
    G/F – Thabo Sefolosha
    PG – Eric Maynor

    Reasons why:
    1. Carter needs a ring
    2. OKC needs a ring
    3. Moves Kevin Martin into the Starting Lineup
    4. Gives the Thunder a great lineup in late game situations & against the Heat
    * (C-Ibaka, PF-Durant, SF-Carter, SG-Martin, PG-Westbrook)
    5. He is Kevin Durant’s favorite player

    • Whos going to be the shut down defensive guy?

      They doesnt make sense. Martin is doing well coming off the bench

  3. Congrats on the call-up back to the big leagues!

  4. Finally! Now I can hit off to the gym! The first hour is going to be over in like 5 minutes!

  5. My idea is to have fans vote for 5 all-stars for each conf, but let the Coaching staff for the east and west determine their own rotation / starters.

    Btw, stats say that Al Jefferson has a reason to be upset with LMA . . . but LMA plays for a team that actively promotes their players. So, yeah.

    Think about it. (Homer Simpson voice)

  6. Sabonis and Vlade would have been great in the Skills challenge.

  7. Javale Mcgee skills comp!

  8. Before listening to this overdose I feel like I have to state the obvious:
    TBJ is on one hell of a run! From the introduction of The Blank Jones last season with the following tour (and regular show), to now this season with increased roles for Trey and Leigh and sometimes (though not enough) Matt, and all the little things like “random thursday”, you guys just keep one-upping yourself all the time. you are my favorite thing on the internet (aside from various streams, but those aren’t really specific websites so they don’t count) and this entire week especially has been All-Beckinsale to me. Or let’s say All-Upton since she’s my favorite Kate anyway. Thanks for existing!

  9. Guys can’t believe you missed this for the skills challenge. Jamal Crawford is one of the best “do stuff and then take and make a tough shot” guys in the league

  10. why d he get jnto a fight, cause he stared ugly

  11. front load washer are also better for the environment.

  12. meant, washers*

  13. What would they call him if he got traded to the Raptors and became the team’s tough-guy enforcer? Jared Dudley Do-Right

  14. Shout outs were spectacular. Leigh has a cute pizass.

  15. Who would I want to see in all the completions

    Skills Competition:
    1. Damian Illiard
    2. Ricky Rubio
    3. Brandon Jennings
    4. Steph Curry

    Three Point:
    1) Steph Curry
    2) James Hardin
    3) Ray Allen
    4) Redick
    5) R. Anderson
    6) Klay Thompson

    Dunk Previous champs only =) vs def champ
    1) blake griffin
    2) Nate robinson
    3) Jeremy Evans
    4) Gerald Green

    • As a Wolves fan who won’t have Kevin Love at the All-Star game this year, it pains me that Ricky Rubio will likely not compete in any All-Star Weekend activities. His rehab has been a lot rougher than people hoped and I can’t imagine any scenario in which team doctors would allow him to compete in frivolous skill challenges while he’s still on a minutes limitation. His body needs All-Star Weekend to rest. :(

      • That’s a bummer, He be perfect for that challenge. Might have to wait an entire year for him to compete on the skill challenge. Dude got some excellent ball skills.

  16. i’d like to see an assistant coaches only three point contest.

  17. James White lost to David Lee in the McDonald’s All-American Slam Dunk contest in HS.

  18. We need a return of the birdman to the dunk contest….

  19. Pelicans missed a chance to be cool. The state bird is the Brown Pelican – they could have been the only team in the league with brown jerseys. Could have been simple and iconic. Fuck WHY IS THERE SUCH A LACK of brown jerseys – it doesn’t look like poo it’s dope. I need more than Saint Bonaventure and Padres throwbacks.

  20. man, fuck those fuckety fucks at espn/grantland. This is the first time they bothered to post your overdose? Because they have sooo much nba podcast coverage already. Damn, espn is the suck

  21. Guys I love your show and I’ve been a fan since the original audio days. Can you please do something about your audio player? It runs terribly on my computer, it’s all choppy. It’s not a great computer but I can’t be the only one having issues.

    • JESUS! Again and again!??!?
      click, click, save target as…..!
      that’s it!

  22. What a relief not to have to see Skeets today.

  23. How about Eric Gordon for Josh Smith? Seems like it could be good if Smith would take a 4 year deal from NO. You could throw some stuff in there to even things out, maybe Josh+Lou Williams or Korver for Gordon, Aminu, and Jason Smith or Robin Lopez?

    Cans surge back towards playoffs next year with wicked defense frontcourt and Ryan Anderson as the floor spacer and Smith’s deal ends as Davis starts max deal, Hawks roll dice on younger player that creates better team balance and should still be able to sign a premium frontcourt FA to finish roster.

  24. What about Will Bynum in the dunk contest?

  25. James White for the 2013 sprite slamdunk contest

  26. Hey i have an idea of what you guys should do with the Laker money jar; you should hold some sorf of fan competition for it. Been watching you guys since 08 and miss the days when you would give away shirts, games or whatever else it was. If not maybe give away some Mu Milk Bar cookies, looked at the website and everything looks delic! MMMMMM MOO MILK BAR (Homer Simpson voice)

  27. Jamaal Tinsley for Skills Comp:

  28. Skills comp- McGee, Perkins, Kurt Thomas, Brook Lopez

  29. Leigh should be forcibly institutionalized. JR Smith? Players’ vote? You are a war criminal.

    Joakim Noah shoots less than 46 percent and his stats are inflated by playing 74 minutes a game but no one cares. Tas complains about Brook Lopez’s rebounding numbers but no one has anything to say about Marc Gasol’s? Has the whole world gone CRAZY?

    • I mentioned his rebounding (and low FG%) on last week’s Overdose when I didn’t select him to my team, but, I still love the big lug. You should too.

    • @Dr. Rosenpenis. Shaq, Chuck & C-Webb also had JR as a reserve so It’s not that much of a stretch. Regardless of what you think of them as personalities, they know the game and the league. Shaq got all seven of his Western Conference selections right; CWebb got six.

      And having the players vote? Why not? Players respect the opinion of their peers. It’s not just about %’s. It’s also about a players role and his impact on his teams success. JR has clearly had a significant impact on the Knicks success this season.


      • I love Chuck, Webber, and Shaq, but the fact that they would pick Smith shows why players shouldn’t be voting- they respect things like attitude, force of personality, and confidence more than actual production. Obviously, not all of them do, but if you think Chuck and Shaq get home from the studio every night and log onto hoopdata, you’re high.

        Also, in the future, please don’t respond to my unhinged ranting with reasoned argument, it ruins the bit.

  30. I really hope Married Dudley went to Jared.

  31. I’m really curious about how you do those “Junior Smyyyth” and “Brook Laah-peez” drops.

  32. Trey Kirby,
    Best defensive all star squad in the East? The pistons plus pierce shut the west down in the 2005 squad. Hard to argue against 4 of the 5 starters from the best defensive team of the modern era. Pistons Hater!

    Also, Drummond would be interesting as a handling big for Tas. Watch a reel of his steals and finishes from this year.

  33. No way the Birdman is getting into the White House.

  34. Dunk Contest- Terrence Ross, Gerald Green, James White, Javale McGee. Everyone wants to see this.

  35. What would his name be if he were a stuffed animal? Bear-ed Cuddly

  36. You guys said that Tyson got in because hes getting old and might not get another chance but then you guys hate on Charles for saying jr smith and jamal may never get in

  37. you gotta let Terrence Ross slam

  38. Skeets pronounced the danish version of Kristoffer/Christoffer/Christopher the best.
    Denmark is by the way being mentioned weirdly often on this show.


    ps. I’m pissed

  39. …I’m sorry…

  40. Is there a video of the tbj crew running the skills challenge? Or any other footage of them hooping at all? A buddy saw a video of them online and said they can actually play.

  41. OK!


  42. More proof that skeets is a fool for not wanting to see Drummond in the dunk contest, despite liking a big man in the game.

    I challenge you, skeetsm to go watch a highlight reel of his best dunks from in game this season and still hold your ignorant opinion. Self avowed pistons hater.

  43. It would be even better if Wilson Chandler could autograph a picture of Matthew Perry holding the volleyball from Cast Away.

  44. What does Jared snack on during a movie? Milk Dudleys.

    Whois Jared’s favorite actor/lead singer? Jared dudLeto.

  45. I am willing to let Terrance Ross dunk if Skeets serves as his announcer, dressed in Lil’ Jon garb, and repeatedly yells “Dunk Ain’t Dead!”

  46. I was wondering why you were not on Grantland anymore. I assumed it is due to some expletive words you use, so y’day you were really trying no to… Until Leigh screwed it up with Dick Dwight lol

    Guys, I will try to find some vhs tape and send it over. I remember I had one bulls-celtics game when Michael’s buzzer beater with 0,3 sec left was overulled. Also I remember MJ was blocked by late Reggie Lewis. Just a normal regular season game but for me it was only one for the week ;-) Leigh knows how it is…

    • I hope you find it @Zeze. I remember that game where he blocked Jordan. One of the saddest parts about losing Reggie Lewis was that he played MJ as well as anyone on D. Reggie’s length and athleticism caused him problems. Reggie also made Jordan work hard on D, too. – Leigh

    • Sources tell me one of the hosts wore smediums (lil bitty ass clothes) too often for a weekly show on Grantland. I mean they have Jalen who probably strictly rocks some crisp 5xl white tees when hes off camera, too much of a dichotomy amongst basketball podcasts. I won’t mention him by name, but his shirts are tighter than a Dwight Howard jersey

  47. What does Jared Dudley call for after his best friend claims to have hooked him up with a date with Mary Swanson? A little bit of the Jared Bubbly.

  48. Eric Bledsoe needs to be in the Dunk contest!

  49. At this time it seems like WordPress is the preferred blogging platform available right now. (from what I’ve read) Is that what you’re using on your blog?

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