You guys don’t believe in “basketball gods” do you? Like a real-life, imaginary set of beings that control the outcome of basketball games and what happens on the court? You guys aren’t in to that, are you? Me neither.

J.J. Redick though, he’s all-in on the basketball gods thing. And he thinks they are so furious with the Magic that they let the Raptors hit their first buzzer-beating game-winner in six years. From the AP:

”I just think the basketball gods are against us right now,” guard J.J. Redick said. ”They’ve turned their backs on us. We need to get back in their good graces. Tonight was a first step, if a loss can be a step in the right direction, because we competed the whole game.”

Like I said, I’m not buying the whole basketball gods thing. But if I did, it seems pretty obvious to me that they would turn their backs on the Magic for a few reasons. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Being named “Magic,” which is devil work.
  • Firing basketball evangelist Stan Van Gundy to appease basketball agnostic Dwight Howard.
  • Letting Hedo Turkoglu eat all that pizza before games.
  • Never signing God Shammgod when they had the chance.
  • Never signing Priest Lauderdale when they had the chance.
  • Drafting Fran Vasquez that one time.

As you can see, there are a few serious offenses that could have angered the basketball gods that don’t exist. To remedy this, it’s pretty obvious that they’ll need to make a sacrifice. Personally, I’d offer up Josh McRoberts but it’s up to them. Quite a few expendable pieces there in Orlando, so at least they’ll have options.