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  1. When did Sir Ian McKellan start playing for the Bucks?

  2. Mike Dunleavy … or Sexy Popeye?

  3. Emilio Estevez in Breakfast Club.

  4. White people dance like THIS *gesticulates*

  5. He’s doing a Mike Miller impression.

  6. Dude is packing… in regards to dick

  7. It’s his audition for the working class dancers from billy Joel’s uptown girl…

  8. Man Skeets eye infection has really got a lot worse…Oh wait never mind guys. My bad.

  9. As a skinny, white kid, I no longer dream of playing in the NBA.

  10. Hilarious photo – bring it out on the overdose for some Mike Pun-leavy.

  11. The man is a super white superhero sent from the 80′s to save us from…uhh…. I have no idea what.

  12. You smug skybox owners up there in your furnished skyboxes with your bottled water and your comfy recliners. Well here’s MY comfy recliner! Yeah! How’s THAT?! Suck on my imaginary recliner, skybox patrons!

  13. Skip Bayless impression

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