This guy.

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  1. Classic Bosh. Definitely hasn’t let winning a ring change him.

  2. The miniature person living in Lebron’s invisible backpack is outboshing Bosh.

  3. Didn’t someone on the Overdose call this picture happening?

  4. “Like a Bosh” has changed a bit over the last year or so. FKN GOLD!

  5. Can someone photoshop Bosh’ head on everyone in this photo for me?

  6. Mike miller really let himself go!

  7. Did anyone tell LeBron James that the real world is 3D and he doesn’t need those Theater glasses to see it.

  8. Bosh is still the most overrated, over protected, arrogant whiner in the league.

  9. You can see four different types of presidents in that photo:

    Micky: Business-Man President
    Lebron: Nerdy President
    Dwyane: Cool President
    Chris: Gangster President

  10. Are we sure that’s chris bosh? It looks like Ice Cube if Cube was tall and skinny

  11. Has anyone trademarked “boshbomb”?

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