Ep. 916: Rondo Fallout

On Monday’s live episode of “The Fix,” The Jones discuss Rajon Rondo’s torn ACL before getting to their NBA weekend winners and losers. Thumbs down for the weird (but correct) no-call at the end of the Pacers-Jazz game, Reggie Evans, Stuckey’s DNP-CD, and Westbrook’s aluminum foil shirt. Thumbs up for “Magic Kobe” and the Lakers, that Heat fan’s half-court shot, possible Three-Point Shootout participants, Andre Drummond, the Wizards, Faried’s two moms, and cold-blooded Kyrie.

All that, plus Bob Cole, “Dr. Kalso,” and a pop-punk band from the UK.


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  1. I like this show and Kate Upton.

  2. Guys, you really need to start referring to Boris Diaw using his official nickname, “BOBO”. Best nick in the league

  3. hah interesting. Yes, it’s actually Tony Parker’s nickname for Boris, so I don’t think the meaning is lost on him

    Source: Jeff McDonald Spurs beat writer

  4. All-star selection is tough… Brook is deserving but there are too many big guys in the east. I am thinking J.R. or maybe Deron Williams for star power.

  5. Sitting courtside for an NBA game is one of the few items on my bucket list. I was hoping to hear more about Trey’s experience on the show.

    Trey, can you hear the players talk/shout/swear at each other from your seat? I’ve always imagined hearing what they’re saying is the best part of courtside seats.

    Also, are there restrictions about when you can stand and leave? Sometimes I’m shocked to see courtside spectators leaving their seats while so close to the on-court action.

    If Steve Blake was there, would you try to get him to cuss at you?

    • The answers to all of these questions is “yes.”

      Yes you can hear swearing and defensive calls and all that, yes there are restrictions about where and when you can walk, yes I would heckle Chris Bosh. Anytime you are offered courtsides, take them.

  6. “No Church in the Wild” is the song that “sunglasses and Advil” comes from.

  7. nice sklarbro jesse the body drop.

  8. how about garnett an lee for pau? some fillers needen on both sides. LA becomes downright scary on defense, Celts get a bit younger to go forward and Pau will be the man with rajon out.

    • pau ain’t worth both garnett and lee, and garnett’s contract has a no-trade clause

      • the clause is the only problem here i think. lee is pretty bad since leaving orlando, and so i would even dare to say that pau is worth more than kg and lee. did you watch olympics? pau sure seemed like top 5 in the WORLD. his decline i think is only temporary and caused by lakers system. hopefully, because he is so much fun to watch when he is into the game.

    • Pau being the man never worked out, ask Memphis. And if McHale didn’t deal KG to LA, why the fuck would Ainge? Also, don’t know all the ruckus over too many bigs in the East. West has six, so with Brook it’ll be six too, though Melo is a perimeter player

      • pau never had talent close to rondo, bradley and pierce in his memphis days. and i would not fault him for the grizzlies postseason struggles, he delivered despite lack of any rondo/pierce-level talent around him.

  9. The three Knicks re: threes please?

  10. Less Boston, more Osten.

  11. Could you guys please seriously consider making a drop out of 36:56 – 37:00 :

    “Trend, Trend, Trend,

    This one is gold!

  12. Guys, I don’t think they got it right. This is the rule about throw-ins:

    “f. A throw-in which touches the floor, or any object on or outside the boundary line, or touches anything above the playing surface is a violation. The ball must be thrown directly inbounds.
    PENALTY: Violation of this rule is loss of possession, and the ball must be inbounded at the previous spot of the throw-in.”


    It doesn’t matter whether that part of the backboard is in-bounds or not. It’s above the playing surface.

    • I see how you could interpret it that way, but I think it does matter whether that part of the backboard is in-bounds or not. As I said, I think it’s a stupid rule that should be cleared up.

  13. two words about the Celtics situation: Allen Iverson

  14. soooo … which Raps dancer are we talking about?

  15. At 2:02 Trey looks super fat. Jus’ sayin’. Tas’ muscle shirt was a bit over the top. Celtics should blow it up but they won’t and they will sign someone super terrible or go to the extremely sweet option of bringing Dooling out of the front office. Morning should be center for the Heat!

  16. Have to say I’m a little upset there was no shoutout to the Bobcats first home win since November 21. Not to mention it coming from the sloppiest game winning play ever. It was a nice shot though. C’mon guys.

  17. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G7Wa3C8s3Xg

    This video need to be watched and others like it need to be made

  18. Trey…pics of the dancer, s’il vous plait.

  19. Deron Williams to replace Rondo. Has an argument to be the best PG in the East – he’s no worse than Irving defensively, almost as an efficient a scorer, and about twice as good a passer (albeit he gets to create for better players).

    Irving has a much higher usage rate which makes his PER look better, but Williams is much more efficient offensively – he doesn’t need to toss up 19 shots a game to be successful.

    Rondo got there purely on reputation – he’s barely above average this season, thanks to being even more of an offensive black hole that usual, check his shooting %s – but the NBA have a chance to make it right and put Williams on the team.

    Lopez has been fine too, but he’s played 500 minutes less than Williams.

  20. Nobody wants to watch Brook in the all-star game. Let’s get Pierce in there. Screw the Nets.

  21. Pierce is much better than the vast majority of the reserve roster – and now that Rondo is out it means there will still just be 2 Celtics.

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