Now that the Lakers have won two whole games in a row, things should probably settle down around Los Angeles. Kobe Bryant is passing a bunch, Pau Gasol has adjusted to being on the bench even if he doesn’t like it, Dwight Howard isn’t coming down with any mysterious shoulder injuries — it’s all good. No time for distractions, since it’s winning time now.

Except for this little thing, from the Hollywood Reporter:

L.A. Laker Metta World Peace is looking to punk a few athletes.

The NBA star is shopping a sports-themed hidden-camera prank series called Metta World Pranks, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.

From LMNO Productions — producers behind CBS’ hidden-camera series I Get That a Lot and Fire Me — the show will feature Metta and other professional athletes playing pranks on one another — including their family members, friends, spouses and fans. The project is currently being shopped to broadcast and cable networks.


“This particular show will give me the opportunity to be funny, creative and entertain audiences — all while being able to collaborate with my friends and colleagues. I can’t think of a show idea that is more fun and a perfect fit for me,” the Lakers forward said.

Haha, of course. Just when the Lakers start rolling, one of their top players starts pitching television shows. More like Hollyweird, am I right? That being said, in the history of Lakers distractions, this one is minor. I kind of assume that most Los Angeles players are pitching shows at any given time, so this isn’t terribly surprising.

And hey, it’s been a while since we’ve had a killer prank show on television, especially since I don’t count the “Punk’d” reboot because if there’s no Ashton, there’s no “Punk’d.” Maybe Metta World Peace’s “Metta World Pranks” is the next great prank show. Maybe when something unbelievably bad happens to us, we’ll start asking “Are we on ‘Metta World Pranks?’” This could be our generation’s “Candid Camera,” which I think was cool because moms always reference it.

Or maybe not. This is a prank show developed by Metta World Peace featuring other athletes being put on the spot and forced to react to stressful situations. The odds of success aren’t good. Or to put it in basketball terms — it’s kind of like a Metta World Peace-led fast break, in that it’s a disaster but you kind of have to watch, just to see what insanity unfolds.

(via Beyond the Buzzer)