Ballin: It was like the 2013 Annual Great Lines Festival of 2013 last night. LeBron went for 34-16-7, Kobe went for 21-9-14, Paul Pierce had a triple-double with 17-13-10, and Carmelo had 42 points, which included nine threes. Take your pick of these superstars acting like superstars.

Not so much: On the other side of the coin is a guy who looks like a superstar but never plays like one — Rudy Gay, who went 3-17 and had more turnovers (4) than made shots or assists (3) in a loss to the Hornets, a team that entered the day in last place in the Western Conference. Cool reminder that he is the 20th highest paid player in the league.

Shoots: It’s pretty worth watching Carmelo Anthony go off, especially during the three straight threes in less than a minute part.

Even better, Melo somehow used brain waves to convince Jeff Teague to ignore a wide-open DeShawn Stevenson (38.7 percent from three) in order to force a pass to Josh Smith (29.3 percent) for a three on the game’s last play. Nice performance.

Oops: Down two with six seconds remaining, Jameer Nelson’s intentionally missed free throw actually found its way in to some Magic hands. Under heavy duress, they proceeded to miss three point blank shots that would have tied the game.

Tall arm: Here is Jeff Green throwing down an awesome dunk that can only be called “the Inspector Gadget.”

Here is a hint for all those young dunkers out there: extend your arms as straight as possible when you’re going to dunk because it looks very cool.

Assisters: You’ll see this everywhere today, along with explanations for how this means the Lakers ARE BACK, but Kobe Bryant had 14 assists in back-to-back Lakers wins. But what’s more impressive is that those 14ers were just the second and third times in the past 12 seasons that a Steve Nash teammate has gone for 14 or more assists in a game that Stevie played in.

Casual Butler: Here is Blake Griffin throwing down a nonchalant buzzer-beating dunk after outsprinting everyone on the court.

23 points, five rebounds and nine assists for Blakey GrifGriffs on the day. Would have had 10 assists too — which would have been the first time in his career with back-to-back double-digit assists games — if Lamar Odom hadn’t blown a wide-open layup during the third quarter.

Records: Yesterday’s Mavericks win over the Suns saw Shawn Marion play his 1,000th career game, Elton Brand play his 900th career game and Dirk Nowitzki move past Allen Iverson in to 18th on the all-time scoring list. The video tributes for this game are going to be ridiculous.

Other things: Enjoy Jeff Van Gundy ranting about Dwight Howard … Do not enjoy Russell Westbrook’s solar panel shirt … Maybe enjoy this anti-LeBron shirt which seems about two years too late … LeBron’s shooting percentage increases year-by-year are a little scary … From the weekend, but you should probably see Harrison Barnes’ dunk