Tony Parker looks ridiculous in this picture. He’s wearing a giant t-shirt with a kangaroo on it and a sombrero based on the Australian flag, which doesn’t make any sense. He’s making a weird face. It’s all very silly.

But he’s not even close to the most insane looking person in this picture, which is quite amazing. No, that honor goes to Patty Mills, who is wearing a skin-tight basketball unitard made for a woman that is covered in autographs, a curly green wig and is making an even weirder face. Tony Parker looks funny but Patty Mills somehow managed to one-up him in every relevant picture category. This is a legendary performance.

Also, this is pretty much exactly what I’d guess an Australia day celebration to look like. Well done, mates.

(via Facebook, KevCops)

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  1. Nobody celebrates Australia Day like the French… Nobody.

  2. If they were holding cheap beers, you’d pretty much have it.

  3. Pop approves of them bringing the nasty in this photo

  4. Johnny Farnham is definitely playing in the background.

  5. The only thing this picture is missing is Andrew Bynum. Nothing says australia like a french guy in a sombrero. NOTHING!

  6. Straya!

    Not sure if the Ellis family celebrated with the traditional BBQ, despite the Canadian winter, but would be disappointed if they didn’t.

  7. Aussie shouting out to fellow Aussies some how stuck reading this blog. Hope you all had a great Hottest 100 Day!

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