So I guess everyone has the same reaction when they find out about someone tearing their ACL — scrunched up face, “Oh my gawwwwwww” and a shaking of the head. Total bummer.

(via Jose3030)

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  1. although its not funny that rondo is out with an acl, but this video is absolutely hilarious. doris burke just aggressive tells him about the injury, worst way to find out ever

  2. Way to keep his composure.

    I blame it on Skeets, he said there will definitely be injuries and replacement all stars :/

  3. That was the look of, ‘oh shit, there goes our season.’

  4. This is hilarious, in the sense that once the broadcast crew found out about the ACL, Doris Burke spent the best part of the game trying to find out if the players knew yet. Talk about a jackpot reality TV moment.

  5. That is not a good looking goatee.

  6. Pierce to be traded to GSW for H. Barnes + Richard Jefferson

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