Ep. 917: Pen 15 Club

On Tuesday’s live episode of “The Fix,” The Jones discuss Andrew Bogut’s return, the recent Rudy Gay trade rumors, Roy Hibbert’s non-existent touch, the questionable officiating at the end of the Pacers-Nuggets game, Isaiah Thomas’ game-winner, and Marc Gasol’s all-around good night.

All that, plus a horrible nickname, James Harden’s defense, Chris Bosh’s Hall of Fame probability, “Working Class Man,” and what other non-basketball shows we’d like to see Charles Barkley on.

And don’t forget to get your NBA questions in. Email us at: tbj@thescore.com.


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Comments (22)

  1. As a Tar Heel fan, I feel that I need to note this on Barnes’ nickname: he claims it came from ESPN:


    If he’s said elsewhere that he came up with it, there are conflicting reports that TBJ needs to investigate. Or not.

    • I must have been mistaken. Good catch.

      • My pleasure.

        But don’t get me wrong, I’m not disagreeing that it’s kind of lame and the logo is…interesting to say the least. One of the storylines about him while he was in college (and still being touted as the Next Jordan) was how he approached basketball as a business, so the thought of him desperately wanting a nickname and logo – any nickname and logo, regardless of how questionable – isn’t that big of a stretch.

        I also won’t deny owning a Black Falcon t-shirt.

  2. Good show, though not exactly a good basketball show. MattyO is off the charts these days.

  3. As usual the best podcast … great combination of basketball knowledge and wit… I dowbnload ur show at.night because of yhe tine difference and listen on the morning ur show gets me through ttaffic bad coffe bad weather and mesn boss I guedd am trying to say thanks guys keep it up

  4. Do people still say things like “John Starks thinks you guys had a bad day?”

  5. agree with JE, to me 917 felt a bit like DahMarcus’ attitude

  6. Since Serge is off the Trey beat – am I the first to note that Trey looks on his way to becoming a Raising Arizona-era Tex Cobb lookalike? This is not a bad thing, BTW.

  7. Sorry Tas. As a Nuggets fan, no way in hell we trade Danilo for Pierce. He’s a decade younger, locked into a great deal, and basically puts up similar stats as Pierce with much greater potential for the future. Also, since his slow start he has really come on this month and has consistently made big shots for us all season.

  8. Grown men giggling at penis jokes.

  9. First time I’ve tuned in after about twelve months and I’m treated to my countryman Jimmy Barnes! Good work, fellas!

  10. Dude this show didn’t suck. I burst out laughing in my cubicle a few times. Makes my day, pretty hard on yourselves sometimes lol

  11. Those moments in the show when Matt”the brain”Osten shows Skeets how “uninformed” (extremly mild way to put it!) about the world and a lot of common things he is

    Still laughing sometimes about the……”So Skeets evidently doesn’t understand the concept of soup. Do you want me to explain it to you?”


    keep up the good embarrassment!

  12. Nash’s HOF speech will be golden.

  13. Really Leigh? The best track you could find for the Aussie assault was Barnesy?

    Not Gangajang?


    Even the ridiculously obvious Men at Work?

    (Khe Sanh would have worked. Boo to matt for vetoing it. ;-)

  14. For a show you all thought was bad – it was good! The best thing about the show for me is the great interaction you all have with each other, and also how confident you are that you can say “I don’t like this show”. I don’t know any other shows that can get away with that kind of self-assessment as the show is happening. Makes me like it even more,

  15. One of the variables in the basketball reference hall of fame probability is height…?

    It doesn’t take into consideration Win shares, Fg% 3pt% or FT%. But height…
    Being a South African born Canadian, Shaq stealing a tv show concept, gross eye injuries, dressing up in costume in China, all have as much, if not more impact. Very little.
    As far as I’m concerned…it’s a mild waste of space.
    MVP’s apparently don’t count for jack either on it, much like Nash’s really.

    I’m sorry Steve I didn’t really mean that! We love you and all think you are a lock!
    Even if you do look weird in a Lakers uniform and play with Kobe now.

    According to basketball “preference” Tracy McGrady has a higher chance than Nash to get into the Hall (and is also listed as an “active” player) I can’t read anymore of this.

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