Ballin: He didn’t have the best line of the night and his team didn’t win, but Aaron Gray scored 22 points and grabbed 10 rebounds in a professional basketball game in 2013. That’s his career-high in points and his first double-digit rebounding game of the season, so let’s enjoy this with him for now. Just feels like the right thing to do.

Not so much: The Utah Jazz lost by 45 points at home, setting a franchise record for how much their fans were disappointed that they paid to be in attendance. Not a fun watch in the morning, if you DVRed this game like I did.

Part One: Here’s Isaiah Thomas’ game-winner.

That’s what you get, Randy Wittman, for subbing in Garrett Temple to play defense even though he hadn’t played the first 47-and-a-half minutes of the game. Putting in a cold defender to lock down the opponent only works in the Junior Goodwill Games.

He’s back: The reason Aaron Gray played enough to score 22 NBA points is because Andrew Bogut made his return to the Warriors last night, notching 12 points, eight rebounds and four blocks in 24 minutes. Bogey even threw down a couple of dunks. Unfortunately for the Warriors, only one of Bogut and Stephen Curry can be healthy at a time, so Steph was forced to roll his ankle on Ed Davis’ foot before leaving the game in the third.

Part Two: Rudy Gay, still in Memphis, making things happen and winning games.

I know this clip and this call seem like they came straight from 1994, but I promise you this happened last night. You can tell because the Grizzlies didn’t exist back then.

Upper hand: After last night’s 20-point victory, the Brooklyn Nets completed a season sweep of the Orlando Magic while outscoring them by a total of 79 points in four games. It seems to me that the Nets are better than the Magic.

Part Three: Even if it’s the least impressive game-winner of the night, Andre Iguodala did make some game-winning plays last night.

Don’t let it discourage you that Andre Iguodala missed four straight free throws before this, or that he was on the winning side of two close calls to make this happen — a game-winner is a game-winner is a game-winner. Grimace knows what I’m talking about.

Rodmania: Joakim Noah posted a 13 point, 18 rebound, seven assist night in the Bulls’ win over the Bobcats, becoming the first Chicago player since 1998 to post 15 or more rebounds in four straight games.

Other things: Big Baby catching Gerald Wallace in mid-air is like wrapping an angry kid in a big, soft blanket until he cheers up … Huge dunks from Harrison Barnes, Carlos Boozer and James Harden last night … Here are a bunch of teams meeting a few Presidents to celebrate their NBA titles … “Go future Sonics” … If you like slow-motion dunks, you’ll love this