I can’t fully explain why this exists the way it does, but I definitely have a basketboner, so I guess it worked. Gonna go take a cold shower real quick, back to blogging in a bit.

(via 48 Minutes of Hell)

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  1. Best passing big man. Most guys would just wait a few seconds till the PG comes to them. The song is the background is nice as well. Lol

  2. Keith Sweat = Tim Duncan.

  3. This is probably the best thing Tim Duncan has been involved in, since he tripped on the stairs to the press conference.

  4. Now all we need is a Tim Duncan bank shot compilation video set to Keith Sweat’s Nobody.

  5. what. the. hell. ???

  6. Who the heck what at the video with an oxygen mask on at 2:31?

  7. This shows how high TD’s IQ is, it reminds me of an article I read on Grantland about how Bill Russell would tell his guards to fastbreak through the elbows every time, so that when he got a defensive board it was automatic for him to just look there and get the fastbreak going through awesome outlet passes. #bonerup

  8. Danny Green receives a lot of those passes from Duncan so maybe they have the same sort of game plan.

  9. Duncan doesn’t bring the ball below his shoulders once in the entire video.

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