Normally, Greg Anthony’s constant “Ball so hard”-ing drives me crazy, but it works pretty well here. Because, holy milk, Andray Blatche took one heck of a shot to the face from Kyle O’Quinn, right in the nose bone. Ouchie.

(via CJ Fogler)

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  1. Andray was actually trying to eat the ball

  2. This never occurred, according to the official play-by-play

    02:16 Brooks Turnover : Bad Pass (2 TO)
    02:16 Bogans Substitution replaced by Taylor
    01:58 Taylor Foul: Shooting (1 PF) (2 FTA)

    That was a steal and a turnover for Bald Ché! Give credit where credit is due … (I kid.)

  3. good use of your chin & nose to block his pass bro.. lol

  4. Shouldn’t that be a foul? You can’t just chunk the ball at a player’s face, can you?

  5. As hard as he tries, he can’t get that Wiz stank off of him

  6. Haha, highlight of the night as a Magic fan if you ask me.

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