The title of this painting is “Bosh in Venice,” but the picture of Chris Bosh and his wife holding the painting is called “Proof the Internet Has Literally Everything You Could Ever Think Of.”

Additionally, it seems like Chris Bosh is a good husband. I’m basing this purely on his ability to restrain himself from photobombing this picture, but I think we can all agree that’s quite the sacrifice. Seems like a chill bro.

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(via Reddit)

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  1. It would be better if in the painting Chris Bosh was holding a picture of them holding the painting.

  2. That artist nailed the Chris Bosh face, that smile is on point.

  3. A friend of mine’s wife painted that. They’re both huge Heat fans through good and shimmy times, go to the games, and are active within some of the charities that Bosh supports. And yes, their favorite player is Chris Bosh. =)

  4. No photobombing?? The painting has the baby with sunglasses on!! How many paintings of babies have you seen that has the baby with sunglasses on?

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