Ep. 918: At The Buzzer

On Wednesday’s live episode of “The Fix,” The Jones discuss that insane Mavericks-Blazers game, O.J. Mayo’s controversial charge, LMA’s “five points in five seconds,” the Lakers rediscovering their high pick-and-roll game, an upset Pau Gasol, Klay Thompson’s best Steph Curry impersonation, Andre Drummond’s 18/18, and Brandon Jennings latest case for making the All-Star Game.

All that, plus concussions, the best Rookie and Sophomores, NBA players to follow on Twitter, taking a leak beside Michael Jordan, and fun words for Leigh to say.


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  1. Osten, I demand you get this Leigh Ellis “Oopdahtah” drop. The world has been waiting long enough. If you don’t do it for me, then do it for Skeets.

  2. Hey, where can I download old/past episodes from? such as the “blank jones, overdose’s, etc. Itunes does not have the full list and I cannot seem to download from the blog.


  3. Richard Jefferson on Spurs for 2 1/2 seasons, Skeets

  4. I’d like to hear Leigh say “Mike Hunt is hairy” or “alpha Kenny body”

  5. Cool small appearance by Trinidad Trey at the end there.

  6. I’d ask MJ if I could be his Scottie Pissin’

  7. Great show guys. Apparently Drummond was also battling the flu during his great performance last night. Maybe thats why his D was terrible, but damn he makes some incredible moves. Blow up the pistons!

  8. I actually tweeted about this “Leigh Pronounces Words” segment earlier this month!

    Way to make it happen!


  9. Soooo what’s this about y’all selling shirts?

  10. Requesting the “Fucking Rudy Gay, Man” drop everytime Rudy Gay gets mentioned!

  11. Was just watching this on the bus and got funny looks as I was laughing my ass off at the Leigh lines at the end.

  12. Jordan at the urinal the shot on the pee biscuit gooood


  13. Has the Lakers swear jar been at all successful in reducing the amount of Laker discussion on the show? Or has it just been highlighting the discussion even more?

    (Not that the jar isn’t fun. Because it is).

  14. My ringtone for texts is Leigh’s “What a card!” and during the segment when you were discussing your favorite phrases for him to say, I got a text, but I didn’t notice it for a while because I thought it was a Matty O drop. #CoolStoryBro

  15. I saw this a while ago… and maybe Leigh knows some other ones, but it’s how to speak Australian by saying other things with a normal accent.

    saying “Rise up lights” in normal English is like saying “razor blades” in an Australian accent.

  16. As for MJ standing next to me taking a piss. I’d have to be straight up about and just:

    “Holy Shit! Its Fucking Michael Jordan”
    “I can’t piss now” .. zip up and walk out.

  17. as for MJ i would go the “ohmygodthisisthecoolestfuckingmomentinmylife” jonah hill Superbad impersonation and walk out….

  18. I want to wish you a merry Christmas!

  19. I’m a big fan of Leigh saying “Oklahomer” every time you talk about the Thunder

  20. I have a question for next week:

    Who do you think will be the newest member of the 50 point club?
    A star like Russell Westbrook, Kyrie, or Harden? Or someone a bit more surprising like Lillard, DMC, or OJ Mayo?

  21. I remember last year, during No Season Required, I was taking a piss at On Deck in Portland when THE Trey Kerby sauntered up to the urinal next to me. Wanna know what I said?


    I let the man pee in peace.

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