“I’m a “Haha” guy. I dunno, I think “LOL” is more for females.”Jamal Crawford, laugh lover/abbreviation hater

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  1. Guys saying “LOL” is alright.

    When they start saying “Hehe” is when I raise an eyebrow.

  2. Me and Crawford got that in common.

    Also, guys shouldn’t use emoticons.

  3. Glad to see us haha guys are getting some shine. You’re my hero, Jamal.

  4. It’s all about lls….and bitches love emoticons yo

  5. This is a rainbow 3 right on target, Jamal. Spread the word.

  6. I’m more of a Haha guy too. Glad to see Jamal CrawHahaford speak out on this important topic.

  7. Totally agree with Jamal on this one, but lol seems more for kids than women.

  8. Agreed. Haha guy here too. However, hehe and lol are both fem BUT heh is ok if you laugh is only a meh laugh. Makes sense to Crawford, makes sense to me.

  9. Dude makes a good point.

  10. Crawfords got it right. females only. I’m in my late 20′s so texting, internet messaging, etc… started basically when I was in middle school. Even then lol wasn’t in my vocabulary but it was in the girls of our grade and the boys that no one respected. Girl talk 100%. other than ur,b 2, bc and a limited other few no guy young or old should talk like that. Same with all the smiley face shit. The fellas that stop that shit will see the type of females you deal with and are intrested in you will be of better quality. And that’s real talk.

    • whoa… relax, old fella.

      • old fella. that’s cute…nevertheless just trying to help out the kneehighs like yourself. If that doesn’t resonate with you, so be it. Hopefully you don’t have other female tendencies and take them on like it’s something a man would do, young grasshopper.

  11. my dad texted me lol the other day, but it makes sense cause my other dad does too

  12. I wouldn’t use either of them. I’m a “Heh” guy.

  13. Yeah, but there’s an evolution involved. I was a Haha guy forever, and then one day I realized, like CapN says, “bitches love emoticons “, and also LoLing and I got sucked in. And like 2Pac says, “you gotta rap for the bitches”. But I’ve been trying not to LOL, for some time now, with some success, and have just gone straight to Ha. Just half of a Haha. Not sure what this means or why, but it’s an evolution yo.

  14. Where does LoLz fall in this? I feel this is an acceptable way for guys to get in on the LOL action but in a sarcastic, mocking type of way. Ya we think it’s funny. Are we actually laughing out loud? No, but we recognize the humour in it enough to provide a response.

    • Lolz is solid ironic laughter which conveys some coolness; hipster level of written mirth basically

      • Hipster is not cool bro I’d steer clear. Never use d it myself but shit like ROFLDOG and ROFLCOPTER was tough as nails.

  15. College student here, had no idea that there was such thing as girl and guy text speak. Where does LMAO, LMFAO, and ROFL stand? The first two seem to be more masculine to me while ROFL could probably be used by anyone right? I use lol and am a guy. Should I stop?

    • Stop now. In fact stop using them all. If you use yolo punch yourself in the nuts then stop that as well.

  16. i been a “haaaaa” type a fella for minute. that shits buc. malleable.

  17. The problem with heh is its use when something is really funny.

    lol turns into LOL or LOL!,
    haha turns into hahaha or HAHAHAHA for really funny; but
    heh turns into HEH!

    What the fuck is HEH! If someone HEH’d at me, I would assume they are about to vomit.

  18. HAHA is appropriate to send a dude when you’re lol’ing about what a bitch he is while in bed with his bitch.
    lolcats are baller.

    (jamal crawford needs to get his followers up before he talks some grammar prescriptivist shit.)

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