Ballin: Greg Monroe got in a bit of foul trouble early in the Pistons’ loss, so Andre Drummond got a little more playing time. As per the internet’s wishes, he put up 18 points and 18 rebounds in just a smidge less than 28 minutes. That’s his most rebounds in a game, second-most points and fourth-most minutes. Feels like he deserves a solid high-five for that one.

Not so much: LaMarcus Aldridge’s game-winner was cool, unless you’re a Dallas Mavericks fan — but even then you might be like, “Well, at least he’s from Dallas” — because your team blew a 21-point lead over the course of the game’s last 20:37. That’s right, math nerds — that’s more than a point a minute of blown lead, which dovetails nicely with LMA’s five in five.

Counting: Too many Mavs on the dance floor (too many Mavs).

Ordinarily, I’d say something like, “In a game where you lose by two, giving the other team a point because you can’t count is pretty stupid.” But Wesley Matthews missed the technical free throw, so never mind.

Nashish: Kobe Bryant went for double-digit assists for the third straight game, notching 11 in the Lakers’ win over the Hornets. As a whole, Los Angeles had 34 assists on their 39 baskets and generally looked like a team who started four Hall of Famers. It is almost like passing to open teammates makes things easier.

Drum line: Of those 18 points and 18 rebounds that Andre Drummond had, he got two and one of those, respectively, in a single fell swoop.

As far as I can tell, “fell swoops” only come in ones. If you have information to the contrary, please share.

Step up to the streets: No Stephen Curry and no Andrew Bogut, so Klay Thompson just put up a career-high 32, David Lee had another 20 and 10 game (20 and 13, actually) and Jarrett Jack had 26 points and 12 assists. That’ll do.

Never mind: You better think twice if you want to give Kobe Bryant a tech for slamming a ball.

Smart decision, Sean Wright. You don’t want Kobe on your bad side. Just ask everyone.

Replay: Brandon Jennings had another 20-point third quarter last night. Watch some of those points being scored, if you dare.

Other things: I’ve never really thought about it, but the Hornets’ starting lineup is pretty ugly … In Los Angeles, anyone can be friends … I don’t know why the first clip of a #LetRossDunk mixtape is him making a three, but it’s still worth watching … Just some guys who shoot a bunch of free throws … Very cool stuff — Andre Iguodala explaining how he plays defense