Ballin: Greg Monroe got in a bit of foul trouble early in the Pistons’ loss, so Andre Drummond got a little more playing time. As per the internet’s wishes, he put up 18 points and 18 rebounds in just a smidge less than 28 minutes. That’s his most rebounds in a game, second-most points and fourth-most minutes. Feels like he deserves a solid high-five for that one.

Not so much: LaMarcus Aldridge’s game-winner was cool, unless you’re a Dallas Mavericks fan — but even then you might be like, “Well, at least he’s from Dallas” — because your team blew a 21-point lead over the course of the game’s last 20:37. That’s right, math nerds — that’s more than a point a minute of blown lead, which dovetails nicely with LMA’s five in five.

Counting: Too many Mavs on the dance floor (too many Mavs).

Ordinarily, I’d say something like, “In a game where you lose by two, giving the other team a point because you can’t count is pretty stupid.” But Wesley Matthews missed the technical free throw, so never mind.

Nashish: Kobe Bryant went for double-digit assists for the third straight game, notching 11 in the Lakers’ win over the Hornets. As a whole, Los Angeles had 34 assists on their 39 baskets and generally looked like a team who started four Hall of Famers. It is almost like passing to open teammates makes things easier.

Drum line: Of those 18 points and 18 rebounds that Andre Drummond had, he got two and one of those, respectively, in a single fell swoop.

As far as I can tell, “fell swoops” only come in ones. If you have information to the contrary, please share.

Step up to the streets: No Stephen Curry and no Andrew Bogut, so Klay Thompson just put up a career-high 32, David Lee had another 20 and 10 game (20 and 13, actually) and Jarrett Jack had 26 points and 12 assists. That’ll do.

Never mind: You better think twice if you want to give Kobe Bryant a tech for slamming a ball.

Smart decision, Sean Wright. You don’t want Kobe on your bad side. Just ask everyone.

Replay: Brandon Jennings had another 20-point third quarter last night. Watch some of those points being scored, if you dare.

Other things: I’ve never really thought about it, but the Hornets’ starting lineup is pretty ugly … In Los Angeles, anyone can be friends … I don’t know why the first clip of a #LetRossDunk mixtape is him making a three, but it’s still worth watching … Just some guys who shoot a bunch of free throws … Very cool stuff — Andre Iguodala explaining how he plays defense

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  1. Can’t find it anywhere on youtube, but camera showed Vince Carter counting players just before the put the ball in play.

  2. Do you have to put money in the swear jar for blogging about the Lakers?

  3. Funny, but I was thinking the exact same thing about the Hornets/Pelicans starting five when they showed the lineups at the beginning of the game last night….

  4. Great Iguadala interview, thanks for showing that.

  5. Tracy McGrady’s 13 pts in 33 seconds will always be the most underrated single player comeback ever

  6. When I scrolled over the picture and saw “Will Barton’s face” and looked at it I laughed my ass off. I hope that guy has a Twitter.

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