Don’t tell Reggie Miller, but if you calculate his famous outburst’s points per second (0.89 pps), it comes in a bit behind LaMarcus Aldridge’s game-winning performance from last night (1.0 pps). Ergo, LaMarcus Aldridge is a Hall of Famer. LMA might need a belly button tattoo to lock down his induction, but the math certainly works out. Nice shooting.

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  1. i’d say 5 points in 5.5 seconds, which puts him at .9090909 infinity.

    How was that first three not a travel. Great shot, terrific snap, but that’s just ridiculous.

  2. Yeah, definitely stopped watching this game in the third quarter.

  3. Yeah, no comparison. Reggie had two consecutive steals to hit his 3 shots. And Aldridge’s first 3 was a travel.

  4. The NBA, where traveling on a key play happens!

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