Ep. 919: Three-Way Madness

On Thursday’s live episode of “The Fix,” The Jones breakdown the Raptors-Grizzlies-Pistons three-way deal. Which team made out best? Can Gay, DeRozan and Terrence Ross coexist? Could Memphis have gotten more for Gay? And what impact will Jose Calderon have on the young Pistons frontline? After the trade, we discuss Brook Lopez making the All-Star Game, a few Rising Stars Challenge snubs, angry LeBron, Dwight Howard’s injury, Matt Barnes’ ejection, and another forthcoming league apology to the Raptors.

All that, plus drunks, horses, suicidal thoughts, and sexy ladies in our Superbowl XLVII commercial ideas.


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  1. I sound like a Chinese man

  2. not up for download yet

  3. don’t know if it’ll come up in the show but I just realized that a raptors-only slam dunk contest might be pretty fun. good times for pre game “lay up” lines in toronto.

    also, do the raps really enjoy employing participants of the slam dunk contest or what?

  4. Haven’t listened yet, but really looking forward to the Raptors news drop.

  5. Is this trade good for anyone? I agree with Tas, this has basically condemned the Raps to mediocrity. You need a superstar to win in this league, Rudy Gay is not that man.

    Knight I think still has potential to be a solid starting guard; is Calderon going to take his minutes? Can they play together?

    Who will close games for Memphis now? Their two best players are in the post, and it’s way harder to get a shot when you can’t be a ball handler. This seems purely like a money-centric move.

    • who are you to say he aint a superstar? dont act like u aint gona be buying his jersey & cheering for him! toronto sports fans make me sick! where is the loyalty

  6. Going from “gay to prince”, Trey should know a little about that.

  7. even bigger Tas Melas fan after finding out he doesn’t like Calderon either. God, so glad to see him go. The Raptors need to drop the culture of mediocrity theyve got going on

  8. “The Raptors need to drop the culture of mediocrity they’ve got going on.”

    Well, that sure didn’t happen with this trade.

  9. You guys can’t think the Raptors are done dealin. A starting 5 of Lowry, Demar, Rudy, Amir, and Valanciunas is solid out east. Problem is overabundance of wings (Derozan, Ross, Gay, Anderson, Fields, Pietrus, Kleiza). Somebody needs to go from that group.

  10. I’m about to start today’s podcast and I’m setting the over/under at 4.5 “Raptor News!” drops. (Taking the over.)

  11. i just dont understand how people are this upset. who were the raptors going to sign with their cap flexibility? players just haven’t signed here.

    i’m exciting about rudy coming to toronto. so should every other fan. this gives us a star to associate the team with.

    we fleeced the griz. took on more salary but who cares. i dont think this is it. there are more moves to be made. we can still amnesty a player. i dunno. we are just never satisfied it seems. and medicority is what we had before. so good on colangelo for doing something for once.

  12. Anyone who thinks this deal was bad for the raptors doesn’t fully understand basketball. They finally get a scorer in Rudy gay who they can rely on, unlike derozan and bargnani. It also makes up for colangelo’s knucklehead Lowry trade where he gave up a future first round pick. This trade pretty much guarantees that the raptors won’t be giving up a high first round draft pick, and gay only has two years left on his deal. They can restructure Rudy’s contract when it’s over to pay him less, let him go, or trade him again in the final year, where he will be seen as a valuable expiring contract by other teams.

    • I’m generally in the “Rudy Gay is a borderline All-Star who is making Top Ten Player money” camp, but I think if the Raptors wanted to move Rudy next year, they could easily get back a “expiring veteran contract + B-level prospect” that they sent out. You know Phoenix would make that deal next year.

  13. little surprised to shit all over this trade, now I’m not saying this was a great trade either. I completely agree about DeRozan and Gay being redundant on the same team, realize that neither are a top talent BUT as far as salary limitations and financial flexibility down the road… who cares?

    this is the Raptors, we had some cap space this summer and look what happened, over-paid (which is still an understatement) for Landry Fields! the sad truth, but bottom line here is that Toronto is not an attractive free agent destination, specifically for US born players. Sure, that’s mostly due to an up/down history and non-winning culture but the only way for Toronto to ever add talent is trades and the draft – free agency just ain’t going to work with this organization. I’m not paying the bills, so I don’t care about luxury tax.

    Calderon and Davis were great, tough to lose them but they weren’t winners either. Calderon was here almost 8 years and has nothing to show for it. Davis has a ton of potential and was really playing well, so it’s tougher to see him leave.

    The Raps are pretty much in the same shape now, with a legit SF. They were going to be a 10-8 seed for the next few seasons anyway. Now just get VC back here in the summer! haha (I actually want to see this happen, laugh away)

    • to be fair, the landry deal was a strategic move to block a suitor for nash. Sure, it didnt work out, but its not like they just traded for him in a vacuum.

      • ok, even if it was a strategic move, it blew up in their faces. arguably the worst contract on the team.

        • no doubt. Especially since they can still amnesty bargs. I do wonder how Gay/Ross will work out long term. 16 million. 16 million! Thats more than a miller per PER point. Sure, thats not the be all end all, but damn, fools be trippin if they think gay is a borderline allstar anymore. Dude is an above average player at one of the deepest positions in the league.

  14. Finally I get a shout-out.

  15. I kind of wonder if Memphis is even done yet. They pulled the trigger awfully early, I wonder if they’re going to try to use Ed Davis for a few games and see what’s what and then maybe ship Randolph out for an offensively dynamic SF/SG (and play a Allen/Prince/player X rotation there). Trying to brainstorm on who would have a decent 2/3 to trade and also be into Randolph? Or maybe I’m just blowing smoke as usual hehe

  16. Raptors Craptors, another bad deal by Colangelo. Time to trade him and Bargs together for a new GM and a draft pick. Salary Cap problems, poor dismall MLSE product that still cant score or defend. At best a D league team, The only mantra of Toronto sports teams is rebuilding , rebuilding, tweak this anither losing season.

  17. the three of you guys are idiots real talk! move outta toronto & get some guys who actually like the raptors, raptors win trade hands down, memphis just blew any championship hopes for now & forever lmao joe dumars wins the trade lol what a retard you are! now i know why i never listen to this show 3retards on a mic


      • fucking right i do! u dont know basketball

        • yo bro you do no bball but Im even hardcorer rapz fan then u az u can tell by my mad ghetto slang!!! I be mo fo real then u all fake bitchezz cuz I cheer 4 tha rapz all day n nite not like u fairwhether fan!!
          we won every trade we ever made if u dont believe dat ima gon randomly insult some people!

          dickass bitchturd!

    • what a fucking clownshoes you are. Being reasonable and semi-objective about your team does not preclude you from being a fan.

      The raps have limited any future flexibility and added a guy making superstar money (especially under the new cba) for middling production. You are living in the past if you honestly think this was a great deal for them.

  18. You said that lowry has been “handed the keys” to the Raps. When Garnett and Ray Allen joined the C’s, the media said “Rondo has been handed the keys to a ferrari.” What is the car equivalent of this revamped Raptors team?

    • He’s been handed the keys to the short bus!

      In all seriousness though, we also heard the same thing about coach Spo and the Heat being handed the “keys to the Porsche”

  19. nobody wants to come here to play, the only way to attract good players to wanna come here is bring in talent! whos to say if gay dosent flurish in toronto & become a superstar or allstar, money is not a issue for the raptors mlse, rogers bell dont care bout money hence the blue jays spending spree! love this trade hate ur show! bargnani for al jefferson or nene

  20. dis show trill wuss poppin

  21. Tas, tas, tas… Raptors got the more talented player in the trade, Grizs and Piston traded away contracts, they did not get better. Unfortunatly the raps had to give something away, thankfully Memphis didn’t ask for T Ross.

  22. I like this deal for the Raptors. Not sure how you can assume they will be mediocre. We haven’t even seen them play yet or know what else BC has planned. Gay is a solid player – a potential all star in the Eastern conference. Every player’s game doesn’t need to be completely different for team to be successful. Look at Miami – Dwade and Lebron are very similar but they are both really good. It just depends on chemistry man, and that’s something you can’t predict. The one thing I do know for certain is that this team did not have the talent to compete prior to this trade. People need to stop bringing up cap space. Face the facts, FA’s don’t sign in Toronto. Also, tanking for the next 5 years isn’t feasible. Raptors are a business and bringing Gay in is gonna make money. And all these guys ripping on BC, Who would you bring in to replace him?

  23. @Trey after the cowboys drunk driving incident where someone died its hard to make a commercial that light about driving safe.
    @Leigh spot on with that commercial. I love it can we get Vlade Divac as the dealer at the table like the old veteran playing poker?

    My commercial would have Tom Benson at the superdome with Eric Gordon and The Brow releasing pelicans into the stadium while the game is going on and the closing line is “c’mon Pelican catch it 2013 season tickets now on sale”

    I dont like the trade for the Grizz, letting Mayo and Gay go I understand the best SGs are really rare but you shouldn’t give up quality SGs either or you end up with starters like Jared Dudley and Shannon Brown. all the grizzlies got back is more PF after trading some guys to make cap room space like Selby and Ellington.

  24. Ross was snubbed. I guess that means he is in the Dunk Contest? Trey’s ad is realistic, Tas is stupid since PETA won’t allow James to tackle horses, and Skeets is awesome but will get banned too for viewer discretion

  25. i don’t know the math involved but i do know that the trade makes the raptors better. better is better. get something for jose then to just see him walk off like bosh did.

  26. I wonder what the feelings would be if the same trade was done before the season, and/or if Gay was only making $10Mper year. Would that change someone’s opinion of the trade? Before the season we wanted to give Ed away for a bag of balls, and Jose with an expiring contract was a given.

    Any thoughts?

    • As a suns fan and person who suffered through Brian Colangelo. Raptors fans can expect a couple of trips to the playoffs and then trading of draft picks once you think everything is good and then he will get fired.

  27. The only ad with any credibility and any chance of raising the necessary $4 million is Leigh’s.

    • Leigh’s is brilliant, and lets face it, that type of humour would fit perfectly into a Superbowl commercial

  28. I missed the boat in terms of commenting on yesterday’s show – so I’ll do it here.

    Just on Leigh being made to say funny words – as a fellow Australian, I don’t really get the excitement – Leigh sounds like he’s speaking perfect Queen’s english to me.

    However, what I will say, and I assume this has something to do with the sensitivities of accents et al – I have no fucking idea what Trey says half the time.

    Its got to the stage where I need one of those interpreter guys with the headphones that sit at the UN to help me make sense of the bloke.

    I’ve heard some people whinge about the length of the show, not me – love a 12 incher, but Trey there’s no point in squeezing what should be a 45 minute soliloquy into a 30 second guttoral spew of constonants.

    Take a breath before you speak, relax and go with the flow. It’s like they’re paying you by the word.

    I haven’t heard such speed since the scatman was doing his thing.

    Loved today’s show by the way and Leigh – try and get some more Barnsey on there.

    Maybe even some John Williamson, which might be pushing it.

  29. The McRib ad… Unreal. Easy winner

  30. do you see daye getting more minutes now? prince coming off the bench?

  31. These are good moves for everybody. And since Raps got the best player they won slightly. Wasn’t that the logic you guys used in the Harden trade. Gay is a max player because somebody will pay it…right guys? There is only 10 or so legit franchise guys in the league and Gay a step below that. Having more space for Gay should make him a better player. Raps are only a decent big away from a solid playoff team and your GM said he’ll make more moves. Ease down the with the vitriol guys.

    Sidenote. Is it me or does Tas look uncomfortable when bucks team or players get mentioned. He definitely throws more shade then an umbrella or just stares at the fireplace when they are talked about.
    Go Bucks!

    • I assume he’s just buggered from too much fast-talking.

    • I think the point is that he is not a step below a franchise player. Hes several steps below a franchise player. Honestly, the idea that hes in the all star conversation is a complete joke. dude was the 4th best player on that team. at 16 mil?

  32. jason kidd in trey’s drunk driving commercial… “are you kidding me?”

  33. and, yes, I agree with dick payne that there is no such thing as too long a daily fix. Give me a 12″ every day guys!

  34. I like this trade from the nearly all teams. Memphis is clearly more concerned with their financial position than anything else, and they shed a pretty shitty contract.

    Detroit shipped away two nothing players for what they are trying to achieve as a franchise and picked up a solid PG with an expiring contract.

    And the Raptors. Everything that Tas said is true about their cap situation going forward, but at the same time the Raptors have never been anything better than mediocre. Even with Bosh there, they struggled come playoff time. Bringing in Gay may not be the perfect fit in terms of the logjam on the wings or for the cap situation, but it gives them something to build around, and frankly, aside from Lowry, there is nothing on that team that couldve been seen as good enough to build around before Gay. If they can move Andrea for anything (and I mean anything) they will be in a much better situation than they were before Gay arriving.

  35. Thanks for the breakdown, I didn’t quite understand this deal from the Raps perspective, especially with the cash the top 3 are making now.

    I don’t think it’s enough for Colangelo to save himself tho. Maybe he can pull the trigger on Andrea Bargnani and it can make a little more sense.

  36. One really has to ask, what is the point of Rudy Gay on the Raps? You’d think they’d learn after overpaying Fields so much. They already have decent-good wing players. Let DeRozan earn his money on the floor and let Ross develop…instead they bring in a redundant player and give up a young big that would be crucial moving forward. Really a fail trade for Raps.

  37. So Detroit are clearing cap space for?

    a. Chris Paul
    b. Tyreke Evans
    c. Ty Lawson
    d. Brandon Jennings
    e. Josh Smith
    f. Poo Poo Platter

    Sounds like a load of shit to me.

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