Here is a story perfectly tailored to this website’s preferences. It involves Nick Young being Nick Young, Andrew Bynum’s hair and a generally silly vibe — basically, it’s perfect.

From the Washington Post:

Young tried to grow out his hair to compete with teammate and all-star center Andrew Bynum, whose awkward afro has garnered headlines since his brittle knees have kept him sidelined all season. Eventually, Young had to relent.

“Aw, man. Ain’t no competing with that. Have you seen that? He got me,” Young said. “I tried but he started doing some…I don’t know what he been doing. But that’s Andrew. That’s how he’s been all year.”

All this time I thought Nick Young was growing a nouveau Jheri curl because he wanted to be Michael Jackson circa “Thriller,” but it turns out he had entered himself in to an Afro-growing contest with Andrew Bynum. I thought the MJ thing was perfect, but this is even better. Especially since it’s not entirely clear if Bynum even knew he was part of the contest. (Honestly, I hope he wasn’t and that Nick Young was competing because he couldn’t live with having the second-biggest hair on his team.)

It’s just too bad that Nick Young didn’t stick with it. It’s been a while since we’ve seen two gigantic haircuts on the court at the same time, and with Bynum supposedly returning soon, we could have seen something really special. I don’t know that he’d ever be able to touch Bynum for hairstyle versatility, cartoon character likeness or looking like he’s in a costumeness, but it would have been fun to watch him try. RIP Nick Young’s kinda Afro.